Basic Principles

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Basic Principles

Section 1: All humans are equal
Section 2: We should cooperate with each other
Section 3: Every one has a right to food, housing, education, healthcare and privacy
Section 4: Knowledge should be free
Section 5: We promote transparent government
Section 6: We are opposed to the use of violence to achieve political aims. We will not, in any manner, promote or instigate or participate in violence. AND WE MEAN IT. However, we see violence as distinct from the issue it supports or opposes. The violence must be prosecuted through prevailing laws, and the issue must be evaluated through debate on its own merit.

Note: Directly taken from the basic principles of earlier constitution of Pirate Party of India.

We will create a structure acceptable to election commission of India and set a process for changing the constitution. Those who disagree with this can wait till we complete the constitution.


Blaise M Crowly Fri 26 Apr 2013 7:50AM

So we will restart with the primary objectives. We will also try to add more than the required minimum because Pirate Party ideologies were in reality designed for specific reasons of the time and place. We need to incorporate more ideas that will help India on the greater run. Just the title list alone is of not much use to India.

We we will restart and go through the process by putting up each new ideology that we feel will do us good.


Pirate Praveen Fri 26 Apr 2013 8:32AM

We will design a process to edit this list (membership criteria, amendment process) or we are going through the same route as before.


Poll Created Fri 26 Apr 2013 8:44AM

Internet Freedom Closed Mon 29 Apr 2013 3:25PM

To protect the internet from government and corporate control, censorship, ownership and attack on privacy.

The laws and regulations regarding internet must only contain the tools to be used under grave cases such a child pornography. Vague statements such as defamatory, objectionable and such words in laws. Anything, if at all laws are made should be perfectly clear and need be based on common interest of the Internet community.

Laws and projects that authorise mass surveillance, blocking of service etc should not be used. Along with a strict prohibition against ISP based throttling, and punishment systems like the 6strikes.

The country also have to protect it's citizens against laws such as CISPA passed in other countries, special mandate by the government should make it clear that the companies may not share personal or related information of it's citizens with foreign governments or corporations without approval of the law in this country.

For everything else a culture of self censorship, ignoring what you do not like and tolerance should be developed.


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Blaise M Crowly Fri 26 Apr 2013 8:46AM

@praveenarimbrathod yes we will create it on the fly, very important that we do, we need to process a parallel method. to get multiple jobs done using the working groups design.


Pirate Praveen Mon 29 Apr 2013 3:17PM

@blaisemcrowly I think you did not understand what we are trying to do at all. We are not going to create a new list of principles now (then how it is different from the previous try?). We start with the list of principles many have already agreed when they joined Pirate Party. Only after we create a structure to update it, we can change it.


Pirate Praveen Mon 29 Apr 2013 3:26PM

@blaisemcrowly lets focus on the process right now


Blaise M Crowly Mon 29 Apr 2013 3:26PM

@praveenarimbrathod then lets use the other "membership" part to decide how we take members and how we amend the points. first.


Blaise M Crowly Mon 29 Apr 2013 3:35PM

once we get the amendment process right we will initiate the vote for new pirate list. sry fr getting it wrong.
@praveenarimbrathod @alexandergounder @kirangolla