Mon 21 Dec 2020 9:54AM

Polish translation of "members" and "people" has different declension depending on the numeral before it

S Strajk Public Seen by 36

The word "members" and "people" are translated into "osoby" in polish.

Osoby have different declension depending on the number before them. So whenever in transifex there is {{count}} people or {{count}} members, it would be nice to have different version of "Osoby".

For 1 it will be 1 osoba

For 2 - 2 osoby

For 3 - 3 osoby

For 4 - 4 osoby

For 5-21 - osób

For 22-24 - osoby

For 25-31 - osób

For 32-34 - osoby

For 35-41 - osób

For 42-44 - osoby

and so on.

It is not essential but nice-to- have thing.


Robert Guthrie Mon 21 Dec 2020 6:30PM

Thanks for raising this, @Strajk. I'm aware, even in english we don't pluralize properly. Since we began Loomio 2.0 the translation tools have improved their support for pluralization a lot.

See https://kazupon.github.io/vue-i18n/guide/pluralization.html#custom-pluralization

I'm not sure if transifex supports the '1 member | {n} members' format, but I think it probably would, if not, it might not even matter... which might be why they chose the format in the first place.

We're removing the '4 members' buttons and replacing them with "invite" buttons in our next release, and introducing a better group of stats on threads that show how many people have seen it, been invited, participated etc. I'll come back to this topic when I'm at that stage.