Sat 16 Feb 2019 12:56PM

Extended Vacation

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I would like to request some time off from work, around 4 weeks to be able to go see my parents in India. I am making a trip to India after 3 years and this would mean a lot to me and my family. My flying time (one way) will be around 22 hrs plus road commute another 5 hours. Keeping this in mind I am making a request for 4 weeks.
Because of family commitments and considering the difference in ticket prices from month to month basis, it would be difficult for me to consider doing it at a different time. However, I will try and keep an open mind to the advice I receive.

I understand that I am fairly new to the organization and the time away will affect the work load.
This has been discussed with the AR group already as this decision impacts them directly. I have received buy in to go forward with putting this decision up on Loomio.

I am mindful of the sensitive time we as a team are going through, transition from one ERP to another will be challenging. Having said that, my AR team has bought into me going on this trip provided that I take full ownership over arranging training and coverage of my daily tasks. I also take full ownership of clearing my pending job duties before I leave. They have also advised me to have flexibility when considering my vacation length and timing of my vacation.
I realize it is important to take radical responsibility when making a decision this big and invite anyone to offer honest feedback.


[email protected] Tue 19 Feb 2019 3:35PM

@gemma16 @helenmaiurro Once the final decision is made, I will be looking for tickets, so as of now I do not have final dates but I am planning around end of April..having said that I am flexible with dates. I agree 4 weeks isn't short but flying for so long with kids and making a hefty trip on pocket after years may justify my scenario. But again, work is priority and can consider that as well :)


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@shannonmitchell @marisse Thank you so much!!


[email protected] Wed 20 Feb 2019 1:41PM

@chanvirkhatkarianm in one of my previous comment, I did mention abut my flexibility with my time off, yes if this is the need of the hour, I will consider it (Work is priority). When it comes to putting extra stress on my immediate team, it was discussed keeping in mind every little detail and then was posted on Loomio.


[email protected] Wed 20 Feb 2019 2:39PM

I would like to make it clear that I don't disagree with the proposal, my main concern was the timing of the trip and the length. I don't doubt your considerations for your team, the discussions and every little detail you had considered prior to posting on Loomio. I would also like to point out that like Marisse, I am not directly impacted by your choice to leave on vacation. I think it's great that your direct intact team supports you 100%, especially with the plan to have your work covered while you are away. However, I'm on the fence; someone please jump in and correct me if I'm wrong, I just personally feel that this is a similar scenario with Mona back in September. If it is completely different, would someone perhaps explain to me how it is? I'm neither here nor there, I'm completely neutral. I support you 100% to go and visit your family for the amount of time that you feel is best suited for you, but I also support Ian Martin 100% in terms of how this will affect the entire team here.


[email protected] Wed 20 Feb 2019 2:49PM

Hi Chanvir,
Reason why I have this on Loomio is that I respect your advise, favorable or non-favorable. Why this situation is different from Mona
A) I am not fixated on 4 weeks, that is my first priority and I am biased towards it, having said that it can be considered and I am willing to cut it down to 3.
B) I understand I own this position and have taken full ownership in getting my job duties covered in my absence.
C) I walked in as Shivani, not Mona and had no clue what happened in the past, this is my scenario.
D) Had I been in your shoes, would have asked the same question. I feel other team members are in a better position to answer this.


[email protected] Wed 20 Feb 2019 2:52PM

@jessimcdonald Thanks Jessi, I will do so.


[email protected] Thu 21 Feb 2019 6:13PM

Thanks @hassantariq


[email protected] Fri 22 Feb 2019 11:37PM

Thanks for your advise @natashacraig, Any final decision will be made keeping in mind all these scenarios.