Resourcing & Projects

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Welcome to the Working Group on Resourcing and Projects. This working group considers how we can identify joint resources for the initiative at this early stage. The group aims to consider how to provide resources for national and regional engagement, as well as global coordination.

This will include:

  • How do we finance this coordination activity?

  • Are there upcoming project opportunities?

  • Would organisations be able to provide support in kind, such as capacity development or network support?

  • Do you already have plans for programmes in this area? Are you looking for partners?

This Working Group is facilitated by:
* Oli Henman, Oli is the European Representative at CIVICUS, the World Alliance for Citizen Participation. He has wide experience in promotion of citizen engagement and participatory governance, including on the Participatory Budget in Brazil and with national NGO platforms around the world.

We hosted a webinar on 27 January to discuss how the platform will fundraise and initiate project workstreams - you can access the meeting notes here.


Akilimali Aboubakar Sat 30 Jan 2016 12:35AM

My name's Aboubakar Akilimali, National Coordinator of GCAP Burundi
Thank you Oli to share the notes of the Webinar.


Dil Bishwakarma Mon 1 Feb 2016 7:22PM

Hello everyone. I m very interested on this network. I am the president of Youth Mission Nepal (YMN). This is youth led social organization working in Nepal since 7 years,