Mon 14 Dec 2020 12:25PM

PPBe topic : Basic Income

RVE Renaud Van Eeckhout Public Seen by 23

I'm opening this discussion thread because there seems to be a desire to discuss about BI but that discussion is happening on a thread that is not meant for that.

For your information, here is our wiki page about Basic Income : https://wiki.pirateparty.be/Basic_Income

It gathers the projects about Basic Income, the events and a documentation page.

About the projects and events, of course, only are mentioned those who were made available on the wiki. If you organized some Basic Income event and didn't share it on the wiki, it's not listed unfortunately.

For the documentation page, it's very messy. If someone ever feels the desire to reorganize and/or knows how to reorganize it, please do.

Also, as a reminder on the topic of Basic Income, here are two small excerpts from the PPBE Basic Text :
Pirates advocate setting up experiments with the Basic Income to find answers to the depressing rat race, the burnout culture and increasing inequality. The Pirates do not believe that the financial viability of the Basic Income is the biggest obstacle. On the contrary the lack of political will to present changing power relations is. [...] In addition, the Pirates push forward the basic income as possible and investigate an alternative to the non-transparent artist status.


Renaud Van Eeckhout Mon 14 Dec 2020 12:27PM

The Knack article mentioned by @Lander Meeusen has been added by @Ilja on the page listing the articles from Belgian press mentioning Belgian pirates, and I just added it on the Basic Income Documentation page.