Thu 18 Oct 2012 7:51AM

Debian Packaging

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We'll update the progress of packaging diaspora for debian here from time to time.

The main tracking page is Diaspora ITP on debian bug tracker http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=597093

Current documentation: http://wiki.debian.org/Diaspora/Packaging

Progress Bar: http://vps.aneesh.nl/diaspora.html


Pirate Praveen Thu 18 Oct 2012 7:53AM

There is some interest from students of College of Engineering Pune, India


We'll be meeting this Friday to take it further.


Jason Robinson Thu 18 Oct 2012 8:07AM

Awesome! Keep us up to date or even better, once you get going invite the people here :)


Sean Tilley Thu 18 Oct 2012 9:00AM

Lucas Nussbaum from the Debian project has put a lot of work into improving the state of Ruby/Rails packages in Debian, perhaps we could ask him for some advice on common problems that he's had to deal with?


Pirate Praveen Thu 18 Oct 2012 9:04AM

Sean, I have worked with Lucas in debian ruby team. I have been discussion the issues in the ruby team and we will continue to work with them. Things are much better for ruby in debian thanks to work done by Lucas, Antonio etc.

I already co-maintain about 13 ruby gems/libraries in debian http://qa.debian.org/[email protected]


Jonne Haß Thu 18 Oct 2012 9:10AM

Sorry but I have to repeat myself: You'll never succeed for getting all dependencies in the right versions into Debian. Even if you do for one release you'll basically have to start over with the next one. Not to mention the conflict hell if you want to install another ruby project alongside. Really consider just building a bundler cache in vendor/ during package compilation.


Pirate Praveen Thu 18 Oct 2012 9:24AM

Jonne, I agree it is going to be very difficult (even impossible as you say) to get all dependencies to debian. But we will try all intermediate methods like custom repos (aka ppa) and even the bundler option you are suggesting. May be we will try this as the first option. Thanks.


Pirate Praveen Thu 18 Oct 2012 4:52PM

Resumed my gem packaging marathon with a new gem today https://joindiaspora.com/posts/2029984


Pirate Praveen Mon 22 Oct 2012 7:06AM

There will be live packaging sessions everyday at 10pm IST or 8.30am PST ot 4.30pm GMT at the irc channel mentioned below. Join in, learn packaging and contribute to diaspora packaging effort.

IRC Channel: #debian-diaspora on irc.oftc.net or via web at http://mibbit.com/?channel=%2523debian-diaspora&server=irc.oftc.net

See dashboard for current status http://piratepad.net/tu0H1eU2vH

We already covered two days with 5 people learning packaging. Two of them already completed one package.


Sean Tilley Mon 22 Oct 2012 7:21AM

Great to hear, Praveen. :)


Jason Robinson Mon 22 Oct 2012 7:37AM

Awesome Praveen! :)


Pirate Praveen Wed 24 Oct 2012 8:08PM

We are tying make an app to track progress of this effort. See more info at http://piratepad.ca/TlEP1VOwGF

If anyone interest to help out jump in, we need coding help.


Pirate Praveen Wed 21 Nov 2012 4:12PM

Cedric has created this dependency graph http://people.debian.org/~boutil/diaspora/deps.pdf You can visually track the progress now - we need to make all the circles green!


Pirate Praveen Wed 21 Nov 2012 4:15PM

We had to spend some extra effort working on an obsolete gem :( Can someone respond to this https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/issues/3735 ? I requested the removal of this package on the same day it entered!


Sean Tilley Thu 22 Nov 2012 4:51AM

Capistrano-Ext has been dropped, should be good now. :)


Pirate Praveen Thu 4 Apr 2013 2:22PM


Sean Tilley Thu 4 Apr 2013 5:51PM

Awesome. I'd love to get the existing Debian packages copied over to our Ubuntu PPA as well. :)


Jason Robinson Thu 4 Apr 2013 5:54PM

Well personally I'd be happier just doing it the RVM way. IMHO forcing users to install all the Ruby gems to the system is a bit restrictive and to make installation easy for anyone we can pull the gems under the users RVM installation easily without having to touch the system Ruby.


Jason Robinson Thu 4 Apr 2013 5:54PM

(previous comment about Ubuntu PPA - Debian packaging team has chosen their path :))


Jonne Haß Thu 4 Apr 2013 6:19PM

bundler makes it easy install the gems using the system ruby without actually installing them system wide too, no need for RVM ;)


Jason Robinson Thu 4 Apr 2013 6:43PM

Yeah, that is an option too. But packaging all the gems for Ubuntu is imho a very slow process.

But of course the packaging of the gems effort is absolutely fabulous anyway - I'm sure the Debian community appreciates. Great work :)


Pirate Praveen Mon 8 Apr 2013 9:17AM

@jasonrobinson once all gems are packaged from debian, you'll just need to pull the source and rebuild it to make it work on Ubuntu (you can just automate it too).


Jason Robinson Mon 8 Apr 2013 9:23AM

@praveenarimbrathodiyil yes that is true, but the problem is that gems change often so in order to have a release running using native gems the packaging effort would have to be always up to date very soon after the gems are bumped in Diaspora*. So personally I see that kind of risky and thus would prefer local installations either via bundler or by using rvm. But let's see how the debian gem porting progresses :) No time for the ubuntu packaging personally atm, maybe closer to summer..


Pirate Praveen Mon 8 Apr 2013 3:11PM

@jasonrobinson yes, we do expect bumps on the way thanks to the volatile nature of gems, but we are determined to fix them when we encounter them.


Pirate Praveen Fri 31 May 2013 5:03PM

We have covered/packaged 75% of gems required for diaspora. The remaining ones are a bit tougher, many are using rails for tests (they create some dummy rails project for tests and tests can't find config/database.yml) and very strongly tied to bundler (we remove bundler and rubygems and depend on apt to provide the correct dependencies). If anyone with rails knowledge can help us untangle the code from bundler - Bundler.require should be converted to require 'foo' in helper.rb, that would be awesome. Sam Ruby has already offered to help, but we are stuck with many gems so the more rails folks out these who can help, the better.


Pirate Praveen Sat 5 Apr 2014 4:41PM

We were not actively packaging for some time and we had fallen behind on percentage. Now we are back to 75% again - http://people.debian.org/~praveen/diasbar/


Pirate Praveen Sun 23 Nov 2014 8:39PM

Now and early version of diaspora package is available. You can follow the steps at https://wiki.debian.org/Diaspora and help test the package. Specifically I need help with keeping the versions in sync between diaspora and debian. Some gems already have newer versions in debian and it would be great if some of you here can help test federation when updating some important gems like rack-protection and roxml. There is also major version bumps for gems like twitter and omniauth-facebook which needs some testing help.


Pirate Praveen Fri 28 Aug 2015 8:10AM

Diaspora package is available in debian experimental and diaspora-installer (which uses rubygems for dependencies) is available in unstable


Need help in fixing one bug https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=796979