Summary of meeting 1/08/2016

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Hey guys, so here is a wee summary of what Angelo and I discussed last night.

Theme: 35 Years, still here, still needed.

Date: Saturday 1st October

Event: March and Rally during day. Gig in evening. (?)

(Non-collective volunteers to help make signs etc? Organise a day for this? Post on RC FB a call out for volunteers for event? Have stalls at upcoming Uni/OP/Community events to get volunteers?)

March- Meet at Dentist School 1.45pm. March begins 2pm. Walk to Octagon (however long that takes).

Rally- Begins at Octagon when everyone gets there. Rally includes Speakers and some chill music acts, maybe have some volunteers selling badges/collection box/sign up sheet for 2017 volunteer training? Finishes 4.30 at latest?

Gig- Doors open at 7.00. Music starts 7.30ish, ends whenever it does (?) How long should we suggest set times be, if we do so? All ages, sober gig? Someone on door with koha box? Think about accessibility, safety, security.

Nick Graham will provide gear and do sound for both the Rally and Gig. Must ensure enough time between the two to transport gear from octagon to gig venue, set up again and have sufficient sound checks for acts if they want/need. Who can provided transport for this?

Angelo and I discussed the fact that The Attic is up three flights of stairs so it already cuts out a whole lot of people that may want to come to the event and that's not cool! Appropriate and affordable venues are pretty hard to find at the moment, so while we can keep The Attic in mind, we probably should look for a more accessible place.

Maybe we could look into the Community Gallery?

And I know the Women's Pioneer Hall is hard to get in touch with but we should give it another go! What do people reckon?

If anyone can think of any other venues that may suit that would be sweet!

Also here are some links to musicians that are keen to play/ we can ask if they wanna play (Angelo has some more to post too). Have a listen :).

E-Kare: http://e-kare.bandcamp.com/ (Wellington)

Pesk: https://peskband.bandcamp.com/ (Dunedin)

Perry Buoy: No music currently online but here is her FB https://web.facebook.com/PerryBuoyMusic/?fref=ts (Dunedin)

Birdation: https://birdation.bandcamp.com/ (Dunedin)

Yung Nat$: https://yungnats.bandcamp.com/releases (Dunedin)
Yung Nat$ are quite a political band, would be good to have peoples input on whether or not this would be positive/negative/doesn't matter for Rape Crisis's representation/ association with particular political views to the public. Hope that makes sense :P

We also thought it would be cool to have someone DJ in between sets, Lisandru Grigorut is keen to do that, you may know them as $noregazZzm, they do a bunch of music stuff and would be a sweet DJ.
Here is links to some of their music if you want to check it out. (Although they may not be specifically playing this stuff).


^ These are people we had in mind for like an evening gig. Below are some performers that could possibly play at a rally during the day?

Spinster: https://soundcloud.com/spinsterdunedin (Dunedin)

Fuchsia Gash : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlbocD6Lrgk (Dunedin)

Last things to consider also, can we put up any of the out of town people into places to stay? What is our budget for this if we have one? Angelo can you post up things too or correct me if I got any of this wrong?

Hope this all makes sense and let us know what you think!! :)

See you all tonight to ,discuss this further.


Zoe Hayes Tue 2 Aug 2016 9:19AM

Updates for above post ^
Angelo is going to put posts up on Loomio and be in touch via email once they have a working computer which should be in a couple of days.
Possible Speakers so far:
-Rachael Elder
-Sandra Dickson
-Jan Logie
Angelo is going to speak to their friend Cassie for further networking.

UPDATE/Unofficial minutes for tonight's meeting also (02/08/16):

Present: Michell, Clarissa, Larissa, Zoe

Clarissa is going to work on thank you gifts for those involved to help us make this event happen.

Zoe is going to contact Community Gallery Venue to see if it is available to book for 1st October.

Michell is going to get in touch with other organisations regarding possible speakers at the event.

Otago Girls class that wanted to be involved in Rape Crisis stuff should be contacted about helping out with this event.

Refreshments at the gig? Do we need them? Can we reach out to the public for donations?

Can we reach out to the public to help with transport and packing up/down of sound equipment? Does anyone in the collective have a large Vehicle that could suit for this?

In regards to budget, we have money available for the cost of the road closure, all other costs to be recorded and bought to the collective for approval.

Please add/change anything if needed!


Michell Reddy Sun 7 Aug 2016 10:53PM

So we are booked for 1st of October for the March!
Shakti are willing to speak and I am looking into venues.


Zoe Hayes Thu 11 Aug 2016 10:04PM

I have sent another message to the Attic as they never got back to me. They are still an option for a venue if nowhere else can happen I guess? Angelo suggested we could organise to pop up there for a look and see if they is a way we could work around the accessibility issue so I asked if they would be cool with that. They haven't replied to my message although they have seen it... I don't know whats going on with them. If we do want to pop up there and check it out though I'm sure we could just go there at a time Nick is using the space he rents but Im feeling kinda annoyed with the Attic for not being good at communicating.


Zoe Hayes Thu 11 Aug 2016 10:37PM

The lecturers in my team at OP have asked if a Certificate in Human Services Group would be able to help with stuff around this event for an assessment. I will get more details if the Collective is interested in this and put it on the agenda for the Collective meeting this Tuesday? It could be great to have more volunteers if everyone approves for this!


Michell Reddy Sun 14 Aug 2016 10:11PM

Hey Zoe- I'm trying to sort out a venue- maybe we should have the Attic as a back up? Hopefully I'll get a venue sorted in the next two weeks. :) Also- I would love volunteers haha,


Zoe Hayes Mon 15 Aug 2016 5:53AM

Awesome yeah! Do people want to try to have another meet up?


Angelo Libeau Sun 21 Aug 2016 9:37PM

Hi! Any word back from the attic yet or should we make a time to go up there irl?


Zoe Hayes Sun 21 Aug 2016 11:47PM

No word back I messaged again kinda politely but assertively razzing them. See if they reply now and Ill get Nick onto razzing them too cause he said that Daniel recently sent a message to Attic members about upcoming gig requests and he didn't mention our one so that's kinda lame and rude.

Plus I can confirm:

Perry Bouy and Horse Doctor for playing the gig. Lys for DJing in between sets.

Apocalabia ( Bell Campanita, Miri and Ruth) for the rally. Haven't heard them before but they are a folk trio and would be nice for the rally.

E-Kare will not be able to come but thats all good! I decided not to ask Pesk cause they just had a baby and will be super busy with a that new human.

We should defs meet up again if it suits people :)


Zoe Hayes Sun 21 Aug 2016 11:59PM

Opps so Apocalabia is not confirmed but Bell who plays solo as Fuchsia Gash is and she will get back to us on whether the others are free.

Razzed the Attic and they are now discussing if they would like to host our gig or not lol.


Angelo Libeau Mon 22 Aug 2016 3:10AM

Oh man do you think it will be easier to organise if we come and just talk to them irl? Maybe as a casual suggestion?

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