Sun 19 Mar 2023 7:38AM

CoBu Mini-Gathering, Victoria

DB Dee Brooks Public Seen by 37

Please find attached a proposal for the members of CoBu to come together in Victoria for a day and a half of strategy to converge 3 years worth of visioning and strategic planning!


Dee Brooks Mon 20 Mar 2023 1:25AM

@Jason Emmins we did a poll for a date in the CoBu group...


Jason Emmins Sun 19 Mar 2023 10:50AM

@Dee Brooks is there meant to be a poll as well?


Dee Brooks Mon 20 Mar 2023 1:28AM

@Lisa Zulfiqar originally Jeder only had one Gathering in November and CoBu started having our own in May so we weren't overshadowed by the NDIS - then Jeder overtook both Gatherings and now CoBu has no alone time and we have tried incorporating it into Annual Gatherings a few times and it's not focused enough - in addition, we held a CoBu one last year in August and it wasn't questioned and now we're trying to incorporate 3 years worth of separate visioning into something cohesive that we can use to increase our income and membership! This topic is a struggle for us...


Lisa Zulfiqar Sun 19 Mar 2023 10:41AM

Is this something that could happen at the same time / additional days to the gathering? Confirming that this would be paying for those that attend from the Internal grant that you are applying for?


Dee Brooks Mon 20 Mar 2023 4:12AM

@Martin Byrne thanks for that - I did take your comment in that way but also felt a need to explain - I don't think enough people will see that comment here in the Dollars Jedi group?


Deleted account Mon 20 Mar 2023 2:34AM

Hi Dee the reason for my comment was to remind members about engagement and contribution in everything Jeder related. I was not commenting on CoBu using too much of the administration funding.


Dee Brooks Mon 20 Mar 2023 1:33AM

@Martin Byrne there have been discussions that never amounted to anything about CoBu's 15% - we are very "light" on admin and have never felt we get the full benefit of our 15% and as we are all in the "gig economy" we need to research and develop marketing strategies and don't often feel like non-CoBu members understand our needs - as part of Jeder, we certainly feel that 90% of us contribute to all areas of the organisation and the pillars and philosophy guide us very strongly! Thanks for your contribution to the discussion...


Deleted account Sun 19 Mar 2023 7:54AM

Hi please all Jeder members be aware the all proposals that are funded by Jeder that are not fully funded by members are funded from the 15% administration fee that is deducted from every member. It is in every Jeder member's interest to be involved in all matters that concern Jeder. Jeder is an evolving entity made up of the contributions monetary/generosity of spirit/visions/creativity/contributions of culture/your individuality. If you are ever concerned with anything you feel is not in the spirit of the four pillars your voice is awesome.