Sat 23 May 2020 9:28AM

Olive Branch/Disturbances within Jeder

JE Jason Emmins Public Seen by 28

The Olive Branch process was developed to assist members raise and respond to disturbances within Jeder. The Olive Branch Process can be found here- https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XmznBICqwuLYChk720YY5tzNZWSk97Rvw3NEh1o4KVk/edit?usp=sharing.

Its time to reflect and review on the process- your thoughts, comments, feedback is greatly appreciated. If you could comment on this thread rather than the document itself that would be greatly appreciated :-)


Dee Brooks Mon 8 Jun 2020 9:32PM

Makes perfect sense now that I know that! It just seemed very random! Haha!


Jason Emmins Mon 8 Jun 2020 9:22PM

Thanks @Dee Brooks this was posted following a board meeting- requesting everyone to review the Olive Branch framework and to also remind our members we have a process to respond to disturbances. Hope that makes sense :-)


Dee Brooks Wed 3 Jun 2020 9:43AM

Thanks Lynn - I'm glad you were able to already be part of the updating/review of the process - I'm still unsure to why this popped up suddenly from Jason but happy to use it as the thread to add our thoughts!


Lynn Lennon Wed 3 Jun 2020 8:49AM

Hi - my feedback would be that we need to look at the Self Reflection Tool. I didn't feel it fit well with the process, it was disjointed and difficult to work with and even though I worked through it didn't feel it flowed.


Dee Brooks Mon 25 May 2020 4:15AM

Hi Jason, thanks for prompting this!

An update:

  • This process is already under review with the people who have been through one, as a first stage

  • The highlighted areas currently on the document are the areas that have been suggested by those who have previously participated or how they were amended during the process

  • A couple of overarching points from those who have participated is that the document is too long and as Fran suggested, needs a flow chart

Personally, can I suggest that you edit your request above to ensure it reads that no one should change anything in the document and should only leave comments, like Fran did, or comment here on this thread? Thanks!


Dee Brooks Wed 3 Jun 2020 9:42AM

It's always changing, Bernie - it needs updating, yes... that's also why I took feedback from all of the last people involved in one!


Bernadette Melder Sun 24 May 2020 11:18PM

I have recently used the Olive Branch process and it was a wonderful process to raise and deal with any issues or concerns you have as a Jedi.

Are we looking at changing it?


Dee Brooks Mon 25 May 2020 4:08AM

Thanks for the comments, instead of changing anything, Fran!


Francisco de Paula Sun 24 May 2020 9:26AM

Thanks Jason - I read the Olive Branch and made some comments - I enjoyed the reading - the highlight for me - it is the importance for everyone to feel heard and understood first, then attempt to find solutions. I really liked the small tips on the appreciative inquiry. I liked the flow chart in one of the Loomio resources.