Sun 29 Apr 2018 1:36PM

Pre-Virtual Home Village Pump

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A place to share information or questions who do no fit in any other thread


Xavi Sun 29 Apr 2018 1:38PM

I copied the name from Wikipedia, in french it would give "Le Bistrot" . Better name suggestions are welcomed!


Bob W Mon 30 Apr 2018 6:35AM

I thought I'd offer a general update of what's happening this week... Julie and I are actively working on website stuff. Julie will be turning the existing site into a development site, for us to experiment on, and will be creating a new, clean "live" site, with only the features that are ready for general use. Initially, the live site will include just some mechanisms for publishing news and information from NVC-O. So, there will be static web pages and blogs/news feeds. In the meanwhile, we'll also be exploring how to support other features, on the development site. Once we figure out features there, we can move them to the live site. I'm currently working on how to support an event calendar that could display events in the user's time zone. We will also be looking at how to integrate forms to "Join the NVC-O Community" and "Become a Contributor" onto the site, rather than using Google Forms. We've also got some other urgent features in mind, like making the site multi-lingual, and setting up a mechanism for receiving donations. - Bob


Dieudonné Tue 1 May 2018 5:36AM

About theses two urgent features :
* making the site multi-lingual : for the moment, what I found the most useful is this combination : a MediaWiki enhanced with the Translate extension and the help of DeepL
* a mechanism for receiving donations : the one I found the most inspiring is the one used on http://miraheze.org . Extract :

Miraheze is entirely community-supported and has no advertising. We appreciate contributions of time, money, or expertise.
* Contributing; learn how you can use your knowledge and time to help us.
* Donate; a record of previous donations and costs are available here.


Xavi Mon 30 Apr 2018 6:44AM

Summary : I still would appreciate some more clarity+ moderation thread suggested Thanks Bob for these informations. I have joined yesterday and i have not read through all the posts published since the beginning of this Loomio. I still feel a bit lost about what is going on here. There are many discussion threads, some of them have not been active for several weeks, and might be closed. I appreciate the presentation of the Loomio was updated, adding this Village pump link. But still I find not easy for newcomers to understand what is going on here. I also feel my remarks should better fit in thread about "Let's contribute to a better moderation and use of this Loomio group" or something like this.


Julie Mon 30 Apr 2018 8:17AM

Hi Xavi, I'm feeling a little concerned that we've not been clear about the purpose of opening up the Loomio group. The intention was to have transparency about our process, if anyone was interested. As such, we haven't created any structure or documents to help people understand what's going on. I can see some advantage in taking the time to do that, both for the clarity of the onlookers, and for our own clarity too ... and I'm also concerned that it would take time away from the work we're here to do. I'd love input from other group members on this.

How does this land for you, Xavi?


Dieudonné Mon 30 Apr 2018 8:26AM

Actually I'm not sure I understand Xavier's request. But since he's French I'll ask him by giving him a phone call : it'll be easier ;)
Then I'll get back to you here, to tell you the most important I understood of it.


Dieudonné Tue 1 May 2018 4:40AM

After our phone call, I might be able to give an answer closer to your requests, Xavi ; )
I haven't much to add to what Bob and Julie wrote. Rather than taking time and energy to clean up this Loomio threads I'd prefer to use them to the urgent features Bob mentioned. I see the opening up of this Loomio as a way for this weave's member to work in an "open source" spirit. Telling the community : « This is where we are at the moment : your suggestions/contributions to improve the work being done, are welcome : ) ». If we want more privacy to talk, we have the zoom meetings or even plain emails. Anyhow, thank you for taking time to join us as you did : it helps me remember that many people are around this project, and gives motivation and energy to take care of it !


Xavi Tue 1 May 2018 5:15AM

Thanks a lot to the three of you to take this energy and time to interact with me and share your goals and plans. It helps me to feel onboard on the same project and connected to you. I am not able to react more now, I will thing about it. Take care!