Mon 27 Jan 2020 3:44PM

Alternatives to COS

TN Tom Narock Public Seen by 105

This thread is a place to collect the alternatives to COS. Several organizations and individuals are contacting members of the EarthArXiv community with options. This thread serves as a place to aggregate and discuss these ideas.


Bruce Caron Mon 27 Jan 2020 3:51PM

I'd like to have a separate thread on requirements and proirities... I'll put one up.


Bryan Lougheed Mon 27 Jan 2020 4:00PM

Is it not possible to work with the CERN/EU-backed Zenodo on this? An eartharxiv website could be built that sends pdfs to zenodo, where they are assigned an eartharxiv doi within the zenodo doi system(10.5281 I believe) . E.g. doi:10.5281/eartharxiv.12345 Assures long term archiving as well.

Failing that, is it not possible to simplyrequest an Earth Sciences category on arXiv.org? I'm sure it was considered by the founders of EarthArxiv, maybe there are reasons that route wasn't followed.


Bruce Caron Mon 27 Jan 2020 5:22PM

Zenodo is certainly an option. Not sure we have had a specific conversation with them. How/who do we contact there? ArXiv.org is a physics repository. I have not heard that they are interested in doing Earth sciences too.


Stéphanie Girardclos Tue 28 Jan 2020 9:33AM

It a local help is needed to meet potential contact at CERN in Geneva I'll be more than happy to do that for EarthArXiv.


Bryan Lougheed Fri 31 Jan 2020 5:16PM

They don't do only physics. There are a number of other categories in there now.


Victor Venema Mon 27 Jan 2020 4:33PM

I am on an email distribution list for scholarly communication, with lots of people working at libraries and on topics like repositories. Maybe interesting more for people here:


If someone in leadership is also on the list, it is probably best they write an email asking for advice, otherwise I would be happy to do so.


David Mon 27 Jan 2020 7:09PM

Hi all,

Figshare has contacted us via Twitter private message: "We host chemrxiv and techrxiv and could easily handle at scale/leave you to it etc."

@Tom Narock I have referred to you, in case we want to get more details on this they know your name :)

Contact @figshare is Mark: [email protected]



Bruce Caron Mon 27 Jan 2020 7:38PM

Hi David... BTW this is a public thread. Searchable too, I think. Hi to Mark at Figshare! Happy New Year. It's great to have Figshare as another alternative.


David Mon 27 Jan 2020 7:43PM

Thanks for the info @Bruce Caron!


Daniel Pastor Galán Tue 28 Jan 2020 2:02AM

We have mentioned in other threads: Universities, where Auckland and the U.C. system seems to be interested and probably can offer long term. Also Scielo. We could try J-store (the Japanese public storage system). Zenodo is a good option since the platform is there, and we will need just a sub-page or whatever to submit directly. They support 'communities' although I am not so sure how independent these communities are.

In addition to Zenodo, which is the CERN version there is the parental EU managed OpenAire. https://beta.connect.openaire.eu/ DOIS are via Zenodo, but it can hosts communities etc. Platform-wise it seems the easiest and quickest to migrate. Can they give us our long-term stability and financial security?

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