Fri 5 Jan 2024 8:45PM

Read me first. Welcome to the Community Hub Forum

GZ Gen Zendahl Public Seen by 8

Welcome to the Community Hub Forum for Lammas Eco Village Hub.

We hope the Hub can both serve the local community and be run by the same community.

Discussions are organized into threads with a title and topic. Like most forums this is moderated to keep a safe space and the threads on topic. Please join under your known name as a username so people know who are. Posts which fail to adhere to guidelines might be removed.

Moderation Guidelines:

Please communicate on topic, with clarity and good faith, and presume good faith on the part of others.

No sarcasm, aggressive, or ad hominem ( i.e. attacking character or intentions) statements, but simply state and own your feelings and wishes. Excessive, repetitive posts will be deemed aggressive.

Loomio has lots of useful tools like sensemaking polls, proposals, and voting which make group decision-making easier. Lots of how-to videos are available from Loomio or on YouTube if you are interested.

Ask admins for tech help if you need it.

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