Sat 18 Nov 2017 2:01AM

The Bellavita Cabina - Nido de Amor

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Danielle and Luigi are getting married at the Finca in December. We will be constructing a casita, a little love nest, at the location behind the Beach Platform that Ticon indicated as one of the choices. Josh has mapped where the power and water will come from, and Geiner helped us dial in the specific footprint in relation to the new horse corral.
We plan to build a hexagon structure with an upper level that will be the sleeping area, which can be divided in two bedrooms at times. The lower level will be constructed with a small kitchen that can also be used for events at the beach, and hammocks can be hung for additional sleeping spaces..
Our intention is to have a place to ourselves (and guests as arranged) for part of the year, and a love nest to be rented out for events and guests the remainder of the time.


Joshua Reed Sat 18 Nov 2017 3:38PM

We are not wanting any more kitchens. Moving away from having to many. Also this is not a good rental spot. The place is in our work zone and is not private. I have expressed myself to ticon. I have never liked this spot for a house. The spot is to close to the beach and what we're doing is not having cabins be seen bc it opens it up for more theft. I understand you like to be close to things but the original intent is to keep all guest lodging to one side. I have been against the location since the beginning. I am not the only against the location but ticon does what he wants. The horse Carroll was moved to be private and for good reason.


Dani Mon 20 Nov 2017 9:24PM

So on the kitchen point. Let's keep exploring? Not looking for a full kitchen, more a rocket stove for boiling water, counter/surface area and sink for heating soup and washing hands kind of situation. Tea for the Beach Platform area, as example. No fridge planned at this time.

Maintenance when we're not here, if this is a thing then let's look for solutions. Do you want us to be responsible for renting out and managing who stays there to keep it up, within FM Hospitality Pillar protocols?

I'm not keen on building in the forest, I will walk around more and feel into it. Being in the ecovillage zone doesn't work for me as a long-term solution, I'll get back to this one but one note is that part of this as envisioned is that when Lui and I aren't here, our place can be where other Trunks, hired performers and presenters, honored guests etc. can be housed separately from the ecovillage itself.


Babbs lovin Sun 19 Nov 2017 5:01PM

I must agree with Josh. As you have expressed to me Dani, (and in this discussion) this will not be your permanent home. So in time if you do choose to leave the farm for longer periods than staying here it then puts on more responsibility for the Roots/Trunks to maintain the kitchen -- i.e. deep cleaning it (Which I know from having a kitchen is a big job here). The location is not exactly ideal. It wasn't really discussed among Roots or Trunks, it was mostly decided by Ticon. I understand your desire in wanting to be close to the beach, but perhaps a new spot could be mapped on the side of the property intended for housing. I feel like this may be a discussion better suited in the form of a meeting when core people are back at the farm.


Dani Mon 20 Nov 2017 9:08PM

Thank you @joshuareed and @babbslovin !

The purpose of this tool is for collective decision-making in a transparent and authentic forum encouraging diverse thought, freedom of expression and surfacing perspectives of as many points on the issue's spectrum as possible.

It's a place for all voices to be heard and constructive discussion to take place that really fleshes out a project idea into a fully considered proposal then allows voting, review, and open decision logging for those who get involved later.

So I'm thrilled to hear you both speak up and yes, this IS the place for the discussion, before we get to any meetings.



Tekoa Storay Tue 21 Nov 2017 9:15PM

Hey just chimming in here. So I thought the overall goal was to keep keep guest lodging on the front half of the ravine and farm hand housing on the back side of the ravine. As well I thought the rainbow house was having two rooms added on when Ticon had his new house built? Am I correct the Kitchen/restaurant/bodega will then have three bedrooms? With those spaces in mind, they will be equipped with kitchens and bathrooms and perhaps since we are still in building phases there are things we can do to privatise rooms and double kitchens by adding walls and private entrances, etc. But with those spaces in mind, I think it would be smartest to only build what is necessary for the time and make more long term luxury building for the bigger projects that will be finished by the end of next year. Keeping in mind, budgeting and time of building, vs. guest arrival, event preparing, and project priority. As far as I know the yoga/temple space needs to be built. That is to be where the horse corral is. I'm not sure who is in charge of that at the moment. But that is more priority for being built for the events. A blue print and material list is needed. We have lots of bamboo for building, but each project needs to be in order and prioritized. Perhaps this would be easier for you Danielle if you had complete blueprint. Size, measurement, and materials needed, plus or minus some kitchen utilities will not make much difference. But if we know how big, what's needed, and how long it will take to build, then we can fit it into the schedule of the weeks to come and in priority of building. Through the time it takes to do all that, the location can be an on going discussion. Just a thought guys😉


Ticon Storay Thu 30 Nov 2017 5:02PM

These chats are a great idea. I have a few comments. When we are discussing new projects or ideas, we should discuss it terms of needs and unwants. Right now we need a place for Danielle and Lugui, we are fastly approaching the season and there is no private space we have available for them. Lugui has been gathering materials and preparing to build a house so they will have the needed private space for them to fully support the farm with their energy. As we have seen, private space for long term members is the one of the highest priorities. Many people have objections to many things but it also takes more effort to offer another solution that accomplishes the goal. When we are working as a team, if one person is trying to solve their or the group needs and everyone offers only problems it will become overwhelming for the person to try to accomplish their goal. When we are back on the farm we can have a meeting to set the location. Our farm is growing a lot this year as we can see by the number of trunks in training, buildings, and events that are happening this year. I'm up for group decision on most everything, however that dictates participation and energy devoted to thought and exchange. I think that with plants property spaced and planted there could be a small yard that could separate the house from yoga and horse platform. As far as rental goes if it has a composting toilet and kitchen, we could rent it for 100+ dollars a night during high season. I'm up for wherever, but a solution needs to be made promptly while considering the entire building plan and number of structure we are going for.


Joshua Reed Fri 1 Dec 2017 8:58PM

Why I have an issue with the location of the house by the beach.
1) When moving the horse carol to its new location and making the plans for the yoga structure, Devon expressed how she didn't want to give up the hole area and wanted to keep a lot of it for the horses. This was from the edge of the chicken coop(closest to the trash temple) to the row of almond trees and all the way to far side of the property. She expressed how she wanted to keep a lot of this space for them and her projects. Devon since then has expressed to me that she doesn't like the location of this cabin because it is in this spot that we agreed to let her have for the horses.
2) During the planning of the cabins we had in the eco-village we talked about how we didn't want cabins so close to the beach to bring in more thefts or people on to the property by showing off buildings from the beach side. I feel as though this is going against what we had already agreed upon and opening up this cabin for thefts being so close to the beach. We have already had stuff stolen from the beach platform and cabins in the eco-village.
3) The hole reason of moving the horse carol over to the other side was to make it more private for horse retreats and horse classes that need the extra privacy for the work being done. I feel as though by having a cabin so close to it, it will take away this factor of the privacy of the training happening at the new horse carol.
4) The beach platform is our last spot on the farm to be loud and have jam sessions at anytime of the day or night. By opening up a space right next to beach platform makes it less of place for people to be loud at nights and also will make it not so ideal for renting for this purpose.
5) I feel as though by making an outlier cabin just doesn't go with the flow of the farm. We have the eco-village which is where our rentable cabins are all on one side for the more privacy of the cabins. Then having our Trunks Cabins around the Rainbow House. Having this one cabin in between the yoga structure and beach platform makes this not a private spot. This is a heavy traffic area on the farm.

Options for a new location
1) The fourth cabin spot in the eco-village that we have talked about in the past. We also talked about this house in this spot was going to be a bigger house, like the one they are planning. It was already talked about being a yurt style 2 story house.
2) There are a few spots around the Rainbow House that we talked about as well.

Why I want to limit kitchens.
1) Any area that has/ has had a kitchen in house (ie Fairy Den and Treehouse) is a pain to keep clean and animals/insects out. Our kitchen in the Fairy Den is constantly always needing to be clean even when it is not in use. So during the slow parts of year and when not being used the kitchen still has to be maintained and keep up with. Currently we are very behind on keeping all the current cabins and communal spaces maintained. Adding more kitchens adds a lot more work.
2) Any kitchen that hasn't been used in over a week takes just about every dish, pot, and pan to be recleaned every time before use.
3) Sustainably speaking it doesn't make sense to stock all the places with kitchens. We are going to have the grand kitchen, the eco-kitchen(current communal kitchen), trunk house kitchen, Twilight Kitchen, and the Fairy Den kitchen.
4) Mold grows easier and quicker in the places that have kitchens which is a big issue I have at my current house and also see it in the Rainbow house and in the Treehouse. This makes any space with a kitchen to have to be deep cleaned just about every month to keep it from growing on the wood and screens of the house.

Options for kitchens
1) I feel as though a small counter-top and a shelf above it is ok in a cabin.
2) Keeping all dishes in the communal space when not in use is an option.
3) Making sure to deep clean and remove any food item, dish, or anything pertaining to dealing with cooking/eating before departure by a trunk or cleaning/moving everything after a guest is a must for any kitchen.


Ticon Storay Sat 2 Dec 2017 3:48PM

The spot in the ecovillage needs to be for a event space spot. Having a private residence behind the rentals is not a good idea and won't work very well. Also having a few more beds for our events is going to helps us be more efficient in resource gathering. The spots by the rainbow house are going to be small, around the size of the dog kennel and i believe not the most suitable for a couple, especially ones who will be around a large part of the year. The 3 spots i found before I left are in the woods road side of the twilight house, In what we called the medicinal forest, in the spot on the beach. If we look at our trunk list already we are needing more private spaces for our longer term committers. Having a cabin in each of those spots ensures that we have 5 private and independent structures for longer term members, its leaves the rainbow house with 5 bedrooms and 3 cabins to house our trunks who come for a normal 3 months period. This would give us room for Josh and Shell, Ticon and Devon and Ariel, Tekoa + kids, Vincient + kids, Lugui and Danielle in long term spots. All of these people have committed a large portion of this next year, well over 3 months. That leaves us with 8 bedrooms in the communal area. These would be great for people like Cassie, Andromeda, Derren and Anna, Heather, Cheyene and Spirit, Rylan, Kiarra, Conner, Claire, Chaguar, nain, and many more to come i'm sure. We also have a lot of families applying to come to the farm so these extra spots would help to serve and balance the community by providing private spaces to families. Our program is beginning to grow really well and we have some great potential here. The spaces above the kitchen could serve for work traders or families that needed a bit more privacy. In total i'm suggesting the 8 bedrooms at rainbow house, a new 4 room cabin in the ecovillage for dormatory event space, and the 3 long term commiter cabins, the communal kitchen with house is already in the works as well as the twilight house. The more space that we have that handles the trunks the more energy our program can withstand as everyone will have the property balance for the best personal growth.


Ticon Storay Sat 2 Dec 2017 3:55PM

We could also keep the cabins above the kitchen as Vip guest spots for groups like the folk from Japan, just an idea.


Dani Sat 2 Dec 2017 9:02PM

I've been discussing with Luigi some of the other factors in finalizing our location including accessibility by motor being restricted at the beach. To be clear on where we stand at the moment, our phase 1 goal was simply to determine and sit with the location, gather resources for construction as well as feedback on location AND construction, and we're here together at the checkpoint for a decision. So we aren't moving forward on anything at all right now other than developing this discussion and decision-making tool through this 'alpha' project.

Understanding the final call rests with the Roots team, I'll share that Luigi has lost some enthusiasm for designing, building, gathering materials due to his inability to drive/haul things there by crossing the ditch; and the request for blueprints, that's not a skillset for him nor I. So some collaborative re-engagement is needed there. Due to the fact we now have Casa Kumbaya for the next month and possibly longer, we don't feel pressure to get it built right away any more which is a blessing!

We both feel a strong commitment to build long-term relationship with Finca Morpho as a primary home base, while honoring that there are already and will be in the future other long-term partners as well that could potentially inhabit this space as we move on to build others, etc. We don't have many attachments, just to the best outcome for us all. I personally feel a strong pull to be near the ocean for a time, I've been in the forest for a decade already and would like to have the long view for a spell.

It makes sense to me that the residence to be built in the medicine forest relates to the build out of the front zone including the new kitchen and hospitality wings off the bodega. Also that shrinking the bodega with that build project to accommodate dry storage prompts the question on how/where the bodega would be able to expand in the future, which could fit into the build plans for that nearby site in the future. It just feels a bit fuzzy, that area, right now.. not as clear and simple.


Ticon Storay Sun 3 Dec 2017 3:58AM

We can do some meetings when were back about the layout and find some more ideas.