Tue 18 Apr 2017 1:40PM

ValueFlows update

LF Lynn Foster Public Seen by 361

An update on ValueFlows: We put out our first release (0.1), you can see it here: https://www.valueflo.ws, along with explanation of what it is and why it is. We are just starting to work with a handful of groups who want to use it also, so that will be a good push forward, as always. Feedback is of course welcome, we hang out here: https://github.com/valueflows/valueflows.

So this topic is just an FYI, in case people are interested. (I just re-discovered this group because I got a request for a new membership. And it has been inactive for quite some time, and I had actually forgotten it completely, my bad. But look at all these interesting people who are here! So this is also just a "hey, look at this loomio group we have, I wonder if it could have new legs".)


john gieryn Wed 19 Apr 2017 1:23PM

yay congrats on v0.1 release! many kudos for all your hard work, yall @lynnfoster @ahdinosaur @bobhaugen @gregorycassel @elfpavlik (and all who contributed)