Thu 13 Dec 2018 3:29PM

DAO Stuff

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Marko Prljic Thu 13 Dec 2018 3:37PM

DAO Worksheet


Josh Fairhead Thu 13 Dec 2018 3:42PM

• Figure out who/when someones a provisioner.
• Figure out who are appropriators.


Josh Fairhead Thu 13 Dec 2018 7:32PM

A discussion on co-ops emerged over in Gov jitsi - heres a list ;)

Types of Cooperatives
1) Retail Cooperatives. Retail Cooperatives are a type of "consumer cooperative" which help create retail stores to benefit the consumers-making the retail “our store”. ...
2) Worker Cooperatives. ...
3) Producer Cooperatives. ...
4) Service Cooperatives. ...
5) Housing Cooperatives.


Josh Fairhead Fri 14 Dec 2018 2:44AM

A nice summary page ;)


Marko Prljic Wed 19 Dec 2018 9:29AM

@joshafairhead @michaelshea Hi guys, today is the bi-weekly conflict I have at the time of our meeting so I won't be able to join. Can you make some notes on hacker.md or here?


Josh Fairhead Thu 20 Dec 2018 12:36PM

Sure thing matey!


Josh Fairhead Mon 31 Dec 2018 4:35PM

So I gave filling out those sheets a go finally @markoprljic - having a bt of a sec to dig into them they are from DAOstack Alchemy hence the REP % and all that. Not having a DAO on said platform the sheets are interesting considerations, untested. So, no large commitments as usual but perhaps we should try to fill out those sheets as a collective using the loomio decision tools with the intent to build a bullshiit DAO on DAOstack with pretend skin in the game so we can play safe enough to fail?


Marko Prljic Mon 31 Dec 2018 5:50PM

Thanks @joshafairhead for taking the time for this. My head is currently wrapped up in a completely different topic so I didn't get a chance to properly think about it. I reached out to Felipe (author of the sheet) a week ago asking him for some clarifications and a chance to meet in Berlin at AraCon but he didn't respond yet.
I'm looking to get a bit deeper into it by the time of the conference, hopefully, if not earlier. Hope that's ok with you and @michaelshea

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