Thu 13 Dec 2018 3:29PM

DAO Stuff

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Marko Prljic Thu 13 Dec 2018 3:37PM

DAO Worksheet


Josh Fairhead Thu 13 Dec 2018 3:42PM

• Figure out who/when someones a provisioner.
• Figure out who are appropriators.


Josh Fairhead Thu 13 Dec 2018 7:32PM

A discussion on co-ops emerged over in Gov jitsi - heres a list ;)

Types of Cooperatives
1) Retail Cooperatives. Retail Cooperatives are a type of "consumer cooperative" which help create retail stores to benefit the consumers-making the retail “our store”. ...
2) Worker Cooperatives. ...
3) Producer Cooperatives. ...
4) Service Cooperatives. ...
5) Housing Cooperatives.


Josh Fairhead Fri 14 Dec 2018 2:44AM

A nice summary page ;)


Marko Prljic Wed 19 Dec 2018 9:29AM

@joshafairhead @michaelshea Hi guys, today is the bi-weekly conflict I have at the time of our meeting so I won't be able to join. Can you make some notes on hacker.md or here?


Josh Fairhead Thu 20 Dec 2018 12:36PM

Sure thing matey!


Josh Fairhead Mon 31 Dec 2018 4:35PM

So I gave filling out those sheets a go finally @markoprljic - having a bt of a sec to dig into them they are from DAOstack Alchemy hence the REP % and all that. Not having a DAO on said platform the sheets are interesting considerations, untested. So, no large commitments as usual but perhaps we should try to fill out those sheets as a collective using the loomio decision tools with the intent to build a bullshiit DAO on DAOstack with pretend skin in the game so we can play safe enough to fail?


Marko Prljic Mon 31 Dec 2018 5:50PM

Thanks @joshafairhead for taking the time for this. My head is currently wrapped up in a completely different topic so I didn't get a chance to properly think about it. I reached out to Felipe (author of the sheet) a week ago asking him for some clarifications and a chance to meet in Berlin at AraCon but he didn't respond yet.
I'm looking to get a bit deeper into it by the time of the conference, hopefully, if not earlier. Hope that's ok with you and @michaelshea


Josh Fairhead Mon 31 Dec 2018 6:06PM

Yeah man no bothers, I didnt realise you were doing AraCon (or maybe forgot). Have you got an Air BnB yet? Myself and @Max Suard are still to book ours but will need to do shortly. If you wanted to share a spot I'm sure we can coordinate


Marko Prljic Mon 31 Dec 2018 6:11PM

Hey yeaaaaah! You're going also? Yes, I'd love to share a spot with you. I was looking at some spots on Booking to be near the venue, even considered Hostel to make it cheaper. Let's chat in coming days on Telegram. Does that work?


Josh Fairhead Mon 31 Dec 2018 6:41PM

For sure dude, we were looking for similar. Cheap/hostel prices, bare necessities but not holes in the floor kinda thing. Perhaps a Whatsapp group rather than Tele? signal to noise with crypto group chats is ridiculous. @maximesuard @michaelshea


Marko Prljic Mon 31 Dec 2018 6:43PM

I agree, yes, not a hole def. Let's do whatsapp. I'll send you my number on DM and you can add me to the group.


Josh Fairhead Mon 31 Dec 2018 7:02PM

Cool, thats rolling in there now. @michaelshea this is the link to join: https://chat.whatsapp.com/H4C9C3BxbhVC014ZymCJda (cue bot attack...)


Michael Shea Mon 31 Dec 2018 7:57PM

Sorry, not on WhatsApp...


Josh Fairhead Mon 31 Dec 2018 8:52PM

Well if you're coming to AraCon and feel it just give us a ping to be considered during the shared house iniative thing ;)


Michael Shea Sat 19 Jan 2019 7:20PM

Hey guys, take a listen to this podcast, pay particular attention around minute 26. They go into the voting paradox first noticed by French social scientists Concordet and Borda in the 18th century. It is a voting cycling problem that was proven in 1957 to have no solution.


Michael Shea Sat 19 Jan 2019 7:39PM

Hey guys, reading the sample of "On why the law is so perverse", if you're going to Aracon I think you might want to try and get through some part of this one before you get there.

Also, I just figured out that I will not be able to attend. I had been hoping to, but I have a conflict on the Tuesday night. I look forward to your comments/tweets.


Marko Prljic Sun 20 Jan 2019 7:46AM

Thanks Mike, I'll check it out.


Josh Fairhead Sun 20 Jan 2019 11:29PM

Damn, would have been good to have you. Will check out the clip and if its good try to get hold of the book. On similar subjects I think you might enjoy this article too !