Mon 13 Mar 2017 9:07AM

Turn your key

GG Gina Grainger-Windridge Public Seen by 410

Hey everybody, I just spotted a campaign Canterbury DIstrict GP have been doing called Turn your Key.


They basically have some leaflets that they give to drivers who have their engine running, they also have a conversation.

Might be something worth doing in the future. What do you think?


Louis Williams Mon 13 Mar 2017 9:36AM

I love it as a campaign idea as it gives a clear, visual presence.

If you'd like - I can put you in touch with the campaign organiser as he's a friend of mine from Campaign School :)


Gina Grainger-Windridge Mon 13 Mar 2017 10:07AM

Yes please!


Louis Williams Mon 13 Mar 2017 10:28AM

Done! :)