Solaris Support

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Tom Scott Sat 9 Feb 2013 6:28PM

I don't see why not. Solaris is much like any other flavor of UNIX. Just compile & build Ruby from source and then run the Rails app. And after he gets it all up and running, a quick guide of maybe some platform-specific caveats would be helpful on the Wiki!


Flaburgan Sat 9 Feb 2013 8:01PM

This guy came on IRC but I believe the answer was "install Linux" :p


Shmerl Sun 10 Feb 2013 5:16AM

"Install Linux" is not a good answer for Unix users, and they usually don't like it if they came asking for support on their platforms ;)


Shmerl Sun 10 Feb 2013 5:20AM


Jonne Haß Sun 10 Feb 2013 11:42AM

Except that we require 1.9.2 or later, so that 1.8.7 one there won't work ;)