Developing principles about alcohol availability (type, trading hours, density of outlets)

AK Alanna Krause (Loomio) Public Seen by 41

What principles or guidelines could we develop so that residents, community organisations and businesses in Wellington can easily work together to agree the right level of alcohol availability?


Giselle Bareta (WCC) Wed 13 Mar 2013 4:31AM

Under the new legislation Councils are able to consider outlet density in any given location i.e. suburb or ward. We are asking residents if there are too many, just the right amount, or not enough licensed venues/outlets in their area. By licensed venues we mean Restaurants, Bars, Cafes that can sell alcohol.....by licensed outlets, we mean supermarkets, bottle stores, grocery stores.

We can also consider the proximity of these venues/outlets to particular facilities such as schools, churches etc


mix irving Mon 18 Mar 2013 11:42PM

I think this is an empiral question. we need to know what strategies have been attempted in somewhat similar cultural contexts elsewhere and how effective they were ...

do we have anyone with access to or knowledge of such research? I'll go see what I can find

perhaps post links here in this resources/docs thread