Wed 8 Nov 2017 1:58PM

Research Approval Process

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E-Nable has started to receive proposals for research on Loomio. We need to define a process that we'd be willing to execute on and post it on Loomio for approval. We'd then need to apply this process each time a proposal comes in. My suggestion is the following process:



Jen Owen Wed 8 Nov 2017 6:00PM

A few things:

1.) Do the approved projects get partially funded to get the project going and cover costs for the time spent working on it and then the remainder released upon completion? If so, what is the % of up front and what happens if they do not complete the task?

2) I can create badges that can be used to show that they are officially approved e-NABLE projects.


Jen Thu 9 Nov 2017 5:54PM

Badges would be great! Regarding funding, I see this process as a requirement for funding, not a guarantee. It is up to the folks administering the google funds to decide how best to distribute those. We should still be approving good research, and possibly providing access to subjects, even if there are no funds available to help with it. Many of the people who wish to do research with e-NABLE participants do not necessarily need funding (e.g. class projects).


Jen Fri 17 Nov 2017 4:30PM

Updated item. We are ready for voting!