Sun 31 Mar 2013 7:41PM

Principle of public ML moderators selection

KL Kate Lebedeff Public Seen by 263

To have a list of all members, asking council to vote for moderators of the general ML. The more people we have, the better.
Each vote can be given to many members.
Do we accept this offer?


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Do we accept this idea of choosing the moderators? Closed Tue 2 Apr 2013 5:27PM


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Agree 100.0% 4 RJ KL BR VR
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Undecided 0% 7 AB J AK CC R TPG AV

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Raphaël Jadot
Sun 31 Mar 2013 9:30PM

At first glance it seems a good idea to me


Bernhard Rosenkränzer
Sun 31 Mar 2013 11:14PM

Sounds like a good idea. May need some way to kick a moderator if he acts up though...


Kate Lebedeff
Mon 1 Apr 2013 8:06AM

The moderator could be kicked at any point by the council, I think. Same way as elected. We can specify this.


Wayne Sallee Mon 1 Apr 2013 10:26PM

I don't think it should be necessary to elect moderators for ML. I think we can just appoint them.


Kate Lebedeff Tue 2 Apr 2013 8:01AM

to Wayne: but how and who appoints?:)


Wayne Sallee Tue 2 Apr 2013 2:35PM

The council.


Wayne Sallee Tue 2 Apr 2013 2:36PM

Or anyone that the council gives authority to appoint moderators.