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Hello everyone. My name is Alexander. You may have noticed the 2 recent threads of e-NABLER&D Leader and Project Vote, which are now closed. I need to do a better job at communicating and syncing up with the community. So on this there is a little bit about me, my background and where I want to go. I think in the long term, the community will benefit from a "coordinator" (for the lack of a better word) in terms of Research and Development. Personally I hope to be that person. However, I am relatively new to the community, so I need to develop a deeper understanding of the community and the role first. I will post here a more coherent and tested plan of action and general direction soon. :) Thank you for your patience!


Alexander (Maverick - EU-RO) Wed 28 Jul 2021 5:18PM

After more in-depth discussions with Jon, we have reached a preliminary conclusion: for me to document the on-going research happening both on the Hub and in the rest of the community. The aim is to both have an index of the current and past research, and to have an easy to follow documentation for future engineers that want to join and get up to speed quickly.


Alexander (Maverick - EU-RO) Wed 28 Jul 2021 5:22PM

The way to approach the idea of a "coordinator"/"Leader" is to first document as much as possible in terms of engineering, as this will make it much easier for future development (it prevents people simply rediscovering the wheel). After I have proven I can do that, hopefully it will take form of a paid collaboration (I am a student, and will be running out of money shortly, and I would like to do this fulltime). What the role will actually consist besides documentation is still under debate, so please do leave your thoughts on the matter.


Alexander (Maverick - EU-RO) Wed 28 Jul 2021 5:27PM

A not so short description of myself and my (relevant) experience. I haven’t gotten a chance lately to update my CV in the last year of university, so this is more of an extract of it.

My name is Alexander, I'm from Romania (Bucharest) and I'm 22 years old at the time of writing this.

I have just finished my degree at University of Plymouth, with a 'first' grade, BEng Robotics diploma. I have also spent a year at my local University-Polytechnic of Bucharest studying Computer Science. I have also been a part of the Robotics Research Center CEXLUM-UESEL (Lumina University of South East Europe) for 2 years during highschool.


On rough numbers alone, I have about 8 years of robotics activity, 12 years of programming (mostly C++ and later embedded). While not having much industry experience, I have been contracted for a small number of projects.

Work experience:

2016 - Footwear product for entrepreneurship competition contestant (electrical stimulation for medical purposes, fully enclosed in an insole)

2017 - Chief Engineer for Volta Electronics Recycling SRL (contacted for creating and developing a solution for recycling efficiently optical drives)

2018 - Bootcamp intern for SuperSolutions SRL (a small app development company)

2019 - Engineer for a small inter-departmental project at university - the task was to make 30 artificial eider eggs to be placed for a data gathering study in Iceland nests.


My first years of robotics during highschool have been focused on competitions and competition based research. The most notable results are:

- MILSET ESE International 2014

- Infomatrics National 2015 Bronze medal (Linefollower)

- Infomatrics International 2015 and 2016 Silver and Gold medal (Linefollower)

- ROMExpo National 2014 - Second place

- WRO National 2014 - Third Place

- ROSEF National 2015 - Mention

- National Informatics Olympiad 2011 and 2015 - Participation (with max score at previous stages)

(Other) Notable Projects:

university final project: A humanoid simulator setup. Researched and documented significantly faster ways to set up and run humanoid robot simulations, based on a university sourced 1 meter tall robot with 20+ DOF.

SAMAT (MILSET ESE 2014) - funded by KPMG and a number of other companies, the project consisted in a semi autonomous pairing between a camera equipped hexacopter and a catterpillar-driven fireproof (firefighting grade) 7DOF arm equipped land vehicle. The aim was search and rescue operations over large unenclosed terrain.

It is worth mentioning that during university, almost all courses required practical projects, but as the projects only lasted 1-2 months and with a given task, they are too many and too small to mention here.

Contributions around e-NABLE so far:

- parametrization and creation of a Knick style optimised finger (unreleased yet)

- part of the Collaborative Design Team (along with Jon Schull and Jeremy Simon), relevant contributions on CAD work for designing a new hand and testing possible ideas.

- currently involved in the Design Team, and creating 3 custom projects: Mike Larson's custom hand with individualized palm holder and skins; and a Knick overhaul along with another custom hand for a local friend (this is seeing more active tests)