Sun 10 May 2020 12:46PM

[FYI] Cleanup of project page and new service available

I Ilja Public Seen by 26


We've cleaned up the page on our wiki that lists the projects that are currently active or open[1]. It's not perfect, but it should at least be easier to have an overview of active projects. If you see a project you like to contribute, please let it know. Each project has a sidebar on the page which includes a contact.

Because of the lockdown, the IT-squad has also added a new service to do audio calls online[2]. The tool is called Mumble. Simply follow the link and give a username you want to use. There are several rooms, feel free to pick one, you'll be able to talk with everyone you share a room with. It does not do video calls or screen sharing; If you want that, we can advise using Jitsi. Our friends from the French Pirate Party have set up a server that is open to use, so feel free to use that one[3]. Services provided by the IT-squad can be found at https://parley.be/. (PS If anyone with good knowledge of HTML/CSS/JS wants to create a prettier page, feel free to contact the ITSquad about it as well ;) )

[1] https://wiki.pirateparty.be/Category:Active_Projects

[2] https://talk.parley.be/

[3] https://jitsi.partipirate.org/