2023 February Guild Wide Meeting Notes

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Hi everyone! @channel

Thank you so much for being amazing humans and doing all fascinating work. Here's a recap of yesterday's guild wide meeting.

February Monthly Guild-wide Meeting

- Facilitator: Carlos

- Secretary : Jerone & Dave

- Agenda Doc.

1) Financial Report from Piggybank

- We did good last year. Getting close to the target of 200K!

- If you have any old invoices, PLEASE submit to [email protected] asap!

- We got accepted to the Zicklin MBA Capstone Program so that we can THRIVE!!! @R

2) Upcoming Guide Activities

- 2/3 Friday 6pm Stewarding Member only meeting

- 2/4 Sat 10-5pm Day of Care part 2

- 2/6 Mon 7pm Storage & Space usage meeting

- 2/8 Wed 5pm Newsletter submission Due

  • We have lots of events in between!

- 2/28 Tue 7pm Monthly Practice/Pitch/Support Session @Kelsey

** Carlos will reach out about Fresh Produce Studio Management

** There are also lots of community events happening this month, so please be on top of communication and help out each other. :)

3) Thanks everyone for pitching in for Day of Care day 1! It's so amazing seeing the progress. :) Let's keep going.


Sending love and light