Thu 6 Sep 2018 11:03AM

Burning Questions or brain dumps for Risks......

JE Jason Emmins Public Seen by 237

This is a space where you can ask questions or have a brain dump about anything to do with risks..... please feel free to add anything here at all. Each month, they will be raised at the Risk Jedi for further discussion/proposal etc.


Dee Brooks Sat 8 Sep 2018 1:12AM

Is this any Jeder risk? For example, would it be considered a risk if @kerry63 and I started using co-budget and wanted to raise funds for the marketing of an Unconference? Would that be a double risk? i.e. the event and the asking of members support?


Jason Emmins Thu 4 Oct 2018 5:11AM

Hey @deebrooks - sorry I missed this one- I will ask the question at tonight's Jedi but I would not consider it a risk.... the only potential risk for me is if we planned, advertised etc and no one registered (or only a small amount of people registered) and the event had to be cancelled/postponed- this could be a risk to our reputation.


Jason Emmins Thu 4 Oct 2018 9:47AM

Hey @deebrooks - there was Lyn and I at the Jedi tonight so we decided not to proceed. I will raise the question again next month.


[deactivated account] Thu 4 Oct 2018 9:31PM

There could be some financial risk around cancellations


Jason Emmins Thu 4 Oct 2018 11:38PM

Would this not be something that is considered by the individual member during the design and calling of the gathering, thus not a risk to the organisation but rather an individual risk to each of the members that are designing the event? I am presuming that co-budget is from your own individual buckets and not the admin bucket (I may have mis-interpreted this).


Margaret Henville Thu 4 Oct 2018 11:30PM

Hi Jason, sorry I missed last night I totally forgot. Please send me a txt anytime I'm usually around


Jason Emmins Fri 26 Oct 2018 10:01AM

Hi Everyone, a question was raised from the $Jedi yesterday regarding individual invoices that do not get paid by the supplier. Some examples of this might include we facilitate a workshop and the organisation does not pay the invoice or a Plan/Self Managed Participant refuses to pay an invoice. This has been identified as a personal risk to the collective member rather than the organisation- any ideas of how we could manage this and who should manage this risk?


Jason Emmins Fri 26 Oct 2018 10:05AM

I would like to add that if a number of invoices don't get paid, this could potentially put additional stress/worry on the individual member resulting in them potentially leaving/exiting Jeder- how could we support the collective member to not leave but also manage their invoices/get paid for the work they do.
I know this may be better suited to the $Jedi, but its worth considering as its playing on my mind and I think its a risk to Jeder (i.e. members leaving due to not receiving payment for work they have performed and should be paid for).


[deactivated account] Fri 26 Oct 2018 7:07PM

This is a tricky one. At the moment we send reminders and statements and usually things get paid, but not always. We could use a debt collections service. They usually wrtie a letter of demand and then take a % of the recovered debt. for me it would be the individual member's choice about the course of action they take, and we need to get better at sending out regular statements to members around outstanding debts. It is also not a good look to go into an audit with a lot of aged debts.


[deactivated account] Fri 26 Oct 2018 7:11PM

We have recenlty had a related but different issue. There was a member who left some time ago and there was an expense that they had incurred for a venue hire. They venue had sent multiple invoices and reminders, but of course the Jeder member was no longer receiving Jeder emails. The venue then got in touch with admin advising potential legal action around non payment. This bill was then paid from admin, Who should bear these kind of costs, and who can OK an expense like this being paid for by admin?


[deactivated account] Fri 26 Oct 2018 7:15PM

and another persepctive is what if an outsanding invoice is for a project that involved multiple members? For example atm there is an unpaid invoice for a participant who attended the Ballina AoH, which means the project is in deficit.