Thu 5 Mar 2015 11:41AM

Who are we? Say hello and introduce yourself

Now that the group is getting bigger, it seems like a good time to find out who we are and which co-ops we're from. Introduce yourself here and encourage other newbies to do the same when they join.

If you wanna.


Sion Whellens (Principle Six/Calverts) Thu 11 May 2023 12:50PM

@Nicholas Frealand Thanks Nick! The new forum for workers.coop is at https://forum.workers.coop/

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Nathan Brown (Co-op Culture) Tue 28 Feb 2023 11:23AM

@Irena P Might be worth making sure they know about Not Nowhere another film maker/artist run co-op in London. Potential for collaboration and mutual support etc https://not-nowhere.org/


Irena P Thu 23 Feb 2023 9:17AM

Introducing Thamesmead Texas https://thamesmeadtexas.com/ who I'm sure will sign up to the Worker Co-op forum very soon. Vanessa and Liam set up this worker co-op (a nod to Paris Texas movie) to unite the community of artists who moved to Thamesmead in 2018. Anchored by an art bar 😁 Thamesmead Texas have hosted 13 exhibitions at 3 sites in Thamesmead in their first 12 months. As well as being film makers and artists, the development of a 'travelling cinema' has heightened their interests in self-build housing too. See more on that here. Welcome Vanessa and Liam when they show up!


And anyone who hasn't already met Irena (which is highly recommended to do), can do so at Ways Forward this Friday, there are still bursaries available for solidarity fund members. Apply for a bursary by emailing [email protected] or just book at https://waysforward.coop/register/


Irena P Mon 1 Apr 2019 4:58PM

I'm Irena working as member co-ordinator at Co-operatives UK. Had to learn about co-ops the 'long' way after many years (I'm quite old) of freelance, corporate or charity work. I finally feel I've come home (to work) and am thanking God (really am) for co-ops everywhere and the hearts behind them. Now just working out how to invite the rest of the world to my house warming party. Here's one! You're all invited to the fab Stretford Hall, M32 0LG, for the next Gtr Manchester Co-ops Connections meet up on Thur 11 April. 5:30pm. Bring crisps if you like! https://www.uk.coop/Coop_Connections_Mcr :hugging:


Alex Worrad-Andrews Wed 13 Feb 2019 8:38PM

Hi Simon.

The business model is clearly a diffcult one. At the moment our current thinking is subscription, following a pretty standard SAAS model and we have decent evidence there is an appetite for this, both from our own research and parallel products.

I'm a developer by trade so finding this isn't too hard. Connecting people on the basis of skills is something we have considered and is a potential onboarding pathway to to platform aspect, but needs more work. We found that people radically underrate their skills or alternatively do not see their professional skills as actionable within an activist context.

But in terms of Radical Engineers exist to connect volunteer engineers with political projects in the UK. Internationally there is ProgCode.


Simon Carter Mon 11 Feb 2019 8:58AM

Hi Alex. Your project sounds fascinating. Even in this day & age, it's amazing the level of disconnect between like-minded people, organisations & initiatives, I'm curious what is the business model?. That's the other big challenge. How do we get someone to pay for something that is overtly political within a commercial context?. I believe I've cracked it, but time will tell.
My biggest challenge has been finding the right web developer. Will your site in part act as a platform to connect developers with projects?. I can say from personal experience that is something that is sadly lacking.


Alex Worrad-Andrews Fri 15 Feb 2019 9:19AM

Thanks for these, the former really seems to be something we should be aware of, so will check it out.


benjamin melançon Thu 14 Feb 2019 8:53PM

Will do!

Also it's a bit less user research but i should have also mentioned the ongoing series of https://techandrev.org/ convergences being led primarily by May First People Link, https://mayfirst.org

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