Wed 20 Jun 2018 9:58PM

Starting your own free micro segment with the awesome P2tp weavers

M mitch Public Seen by 235

Starting a segment is as easy as training 1 friend or relative of or almost of voting age and you have P2tp a segment team.

Now you are a part of the global fabric network.

Train your new friend well, the growth of the local chapter depends upon the team pulling together because you remembered what you need to focus on.

Ideally a micro segment team should have 3 members and a free web page will enable you to find the number 3 team member if one cant be found in the home.

We link to the Global World Group web page, under development .
A growing global fabric needs lots of these segments and around 22 awesome volunteers in your district can pick up cool tree planting rewards.


Adminmod Wed 20 Jun 2018 10:18PM

It should not be that difficult if I list the people I know who are keen and offer all of them a segment of their own.