Wed 22 Mar 2017 3:55AM

New Loomio features ready for beta testing

RG Rob Guthrie Public Seen by 261

The Loomio dev team is thrilled share that we've been developing some exciting new features and that we're looking for beta testers to help us prepare them for public release.

New decision types

New decision types is a document which introduces our suite of new decision tools including: Dot Vote, Schedule a meeting, Count, Poll and of course Proposal.

Instant Loomio

Instant Loomio means you can share a Loomio decision with people who have never used Loomio before. Participation is quick and easy - there is no signup or passwords to stumble upon, and no loomio groups to join before you get started.

Here's a video James made to demo it

Join the feature testing group.

There is work to do before we can release these features to the public. To help uncover this work, we are looking for groups and individuals willing to help test it.

If you think your group is up for testing the new decision types, or if you are keen to try the instant Loomio features with some understanding people join our Feature testing group.


Danyl Strype Wed 29 Mar 2017 12:42AM

These sounds like fantastic features to add to the existing Loomio toolkit. Great work Loomio architects!


Ali Elouafiq Fri 31 Mar 2017 5:01PM

Beautiful! Good job matelot


Poll Created Fri 7 Apr 2017 1:02AM

Where shall we hold the next IO collective retreat? Closed Mon 10 Apr 2017 1:02AM

Let's pick a venue!
0 dots means you wouldn't go if we chose that venue. 1 or more dots means you would definitely go. 5 dots means it's your favourite option (please don't give any option more than 5 dots. Please only give your favourite option 5 dots.)


Results Option % of points Points Mean Voters
ASHA centre 42.2% 19 3.2 6
Villa Averoff 31.1% 14 2.3 6
Meraki 26.7% 12 2.0 6
Undecided 0% 0 0 893

6 of 899 people have voted (0%)


Luke Flegg Fri 7 Apr 2017 1:04AM

5 - ASHA centre
3 - Villa Averoff
2 - Meraki

I think the ASHA centre because it's affordable and I really don't want people to be excluded because of price. Also it's a beautiful space and most of us are UK based... I'd still be up for attending if it's in the other places though


Danyl Strype Fri 7 Apr 2017 6:42AM

1 - Meraki
1 - Villa Averoff
1 - ASHA centre

I'm just as likely or unlikely to go wherever it is (unless it's off-planet, I'm getting too old for the G-forces)


Richard D. Bartlett Sat 8 Apr 2017 1:14PM

3 - Meraki
3 - Villa Averoff
3 - ASHA centre

I'm easy


Luke Flegg Fri 7 Apr 2017 1:06AM

Ah man. Dot voting is SO nearly perfect for us. It's already very usable, and a HUGE improvement (yay!) I just literally want multiple proposals to be able to run at the same time, competing against each other, because I want it to be instantly obvious if 1 in 100 people has blocked any of say 5 different competing options.


Rob Guthrie Fri 7 Apr 2017 5:28AM

Thanks for the help in prepping this release. I don't understand your definition of what's missing.. You are currently able to run multiple proposals/polls/dot votes at the same time... Can you explain further?


Luke Flegg Fri 7 Apr 2017 1:07AM

Generally, awesome improvements. Really makes Loomio step up to a market leader in not just achieving 1 basic function, but becoming useful as a whole collaboration tool/ suite


Quentin Grimaud Fri 7 Apr 2017 9:37AM

Wow, Instant Loomio looks great! When I go on https://www.loomio.org/p/new and create a new Count, and vote, it shows "1 out of 0", what does that mean?


James Kiesel Fri 7 Apr 2017 2:26PM

It's a bit of a jagged UX piece we have on our list to fix. Right now the 'denominator' of a count defaults to the poll's group size (which is 0 if there's no group). However, because Instant Loomio can allow visitors to vote, we don't really have a great way of predicting what the denominator should be for a count (How many people have access to a shareable link? We have no idea!)

We're going to put in a 'goal' option for counts, so we can say 'I was expecting ~10 responses, and I got them, hooray!'... but we'll likely need another try or two to get a watertight UX here.


Danyl Strype Fri 7 Apr 2017 12:23PM

@robertguthrie I'm happy to beta test any new features on a number of little-used groups I'm an admin on. I'm hoping it might even help get members excited about engaging on Loomio again. These groups are:
* Alternatives Working Group
* Aotearoa General Assembly
* Aotearoa Permaculture Network
* Meshed

Question: do existing groups get smoothly upgraded as the underlying code changes, or do older groups sometimes miss out on newer features or erode over time in some way? In other words, for a group who haven't had any important discussion/ decisions in their Loomio group yet, would there be any advantage in setting up a fresh group?


Rob Guthrie Sat 8 Apr 2017 1:00AM

Happy to bring on more groups after our deploy early next week. Then the feedback will be more useful to us.

Great to know it's something you want to use, thanks for the support!


James Kiesel Fri 7 Apr 2017 2:22PM

@strypey We've set up a smooth migration flow from old proposal-only groups to new-instant-loomio groups, so I can't really think of any advantages to starting a new group to turn the new features on. (And we also still have all of your old proposals, so a backwards migration is also possible if things really aren't working for whatever reason)