Mon 21 Dec 2015 6:16PM

LNE venue

CKT Chong Kee Tan Public Seen by 234

Alli Star proposed that Mills College be the venue. She has provisionally booked it for Oct 21st - 23rd 2016. It is a free venue.

Another proposal is to use Laney College


Chong Kee Tan Mon 21 Dec 2015 6:23PM


Venue Selection Criteria:

• Capacity for 300-500 people
• Space for large keynotes/plenaries + smaller spaces for breakout activities
• Located in Oakland, ideally with public transit access
• Zero to no cost
• Available during September or October 2016
• Possibilities for outdoor convening or gathering spaces
• Child- or family-friendly

Alli Starr has tentatively reserved space at Mills College's Graduate Student Building from Oct. 21-23, 2016 (Friday thru Sunday). Some aspects include:

• Music hall with 500 person capacity
• MBA gathering hall with 120+ capacity
• 6 large rooms that can fit 50 each
• 2 small rooms that can fit 10 each
• Atrium: 10 tables, 20 chairs for tabling

There would be no venue rental charge. But there may be catering requirements (Mills uses Bon Appetit). Hosting at Mills would also afford the opportunity to partner closely with their MBA program, which will host a Socially Responsible Business conference there in March. Dean is very interested in working with us.


Desire Johnson-Forte Tue 22 Dec 2015 12:48AM

Get suggestion Alli! Suggestion is that though the space will be technically free, a donation of some kind to the to the campus (either MBA, facilities, ASMC, events, something) would be optimal. As an alum and former student leader/employee - scheduling in GSB can be very tricky - and event staff are sometimes piecing stuff together. The entrance/walkway is good space for displays, lunch, etc. Mindful, the sounds from main area can permeate the gathering hall and the two large classrooms, so having vendors out in hall during a keynote or lecture activity is .


Chong Kee Tan Thu 31 Dec 2015 12:51AM

Hi Desire and anyone else who want to attend the next organizers meeting, Please email Aaron aaron@baylocalize.org and give him your email address so he can add you to the organizers' invitation. Loomio does not show me your email. Thanks!