Sun 15 Nov 2015 7:44PM

Basic Income New Zealand (BINZ)

AR Andrew Reitemeyer Public Seen by 23

A new UBI group has started up - we could perhaps affiliate with them and there is another group, Equality Network, which we could look at - although they don't seem to have political parties as members.




Hubat McJuhes Mon 16 Nov 2015 7:33AM

BINZ looks like a very interesting resource of information and a promising initiative.

Thank you very much to let us know.

But reading through their site they seem to be interested to affiliate with other social groups and organisations, but not so much with political parties.

Anyway, if we could organise to get a reasonable number of us to gather at the same place and time, we could ask them to speak to us about the UBI and give us some insight and advise.


Hubat McJuhes Thu 21 Jan 2016 7:15AM

BTW: They accept PP members as BINZ members. So I have added this membership to my portfolio :-)


Andrew Reitemeyer Wed 24 Feb 2016 9:56PM

BINZ is having a GA in Napier on the 10th March - as that is close to me I will attend


Danyl Strype Wed 9 Mar 2016 5:51AM

Did you make it to the BINZ GA? How did it go?


Andrew Reitemeyer Sun 13 Mar 2016 6:00AM

It is now the 26th either they changed the date or I misread the email - probably the latter.


Hubat McJuhes Wed 23 Mar 2016 6:37PM

Guy Standing, the author of 'The Precariat' and UBI advocate, is coming to Wellington on Tuesday the 29th and is having a speech for the Fabian society. The event is open and cost free to the public, but they ask to book in advance (I doubt that the booking will be checked when coming, so not booking should not prevent you from coming).

Details and Booking here


Andrew Reitemeyer Fri 1 Apr 2016 7:31PM

The meeting went well, about 20 in attendance, and a committee was formed. Guy Standing addressed the meeting and we had a dinner afterwards. There were quite a few ex social credit members there, humanist/sceptics and two from Mana Rotorua. There was a bias towards men and older people. There is a desire to set up regional groups and train people to be speakers on UBI. The organisation wants to remain neutral on types of implementation and costing.

They will become a part of BIEN http://www.basicincome.org/ and I approached Guy about PPI working with that organisation.