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Deleted account Tue 8 Sep 2020 2:04PM

@Adam - this sounds workable if the Zoom account is flexible enough. Is there an upper limit on number of participants? How much is it a month? £12? More on this under funding


Deleted account Tue 8 Sep 2020 2:01PM

Lawrence: I have suggested 23rd Sept (6:30pm) - will wait to see if it is OK.


Adam Hardy Fri 4 Sep 2020 9:09AM

I am considering the subscription option for the carbon rationing group
activities I am involved with, and I could easily let FPSGNF use the
Zoom account as well, although it would still be good to some payment
for it due to my current impecunious circumstances.

If FPSGNF could get some of that funding we were discussing recently, I
could put together an invoice through my ltd company (which makes it
cheaper) to cover part-use of a Zoom account, along with costs for the
website hosting that I paid for in February.

What does the SG think?


Deleted account Fri 4 Sep 2020 7:23AM

Well done Lawrence! We did not set a date for next engagement meeting. We need to think about when.

It is a bit early to have public meetings although it would be great if we could. A sort of Zoom drop in might work. We need to think about other software: Zoom's 40 min limit is a nuisance but the subsc costs around £11 a month.


Lawrence Singha Thu 3 Sep 2020 6:14PM

Huge when is the next Engagement meeting?

The meeting on the 2nd was successful and i raised the awareness of FP+SG NF and they were keen to our vision. got most of questions answers. there will be future meetings that i think one other member can come along.

(There another meeting with Stroud Green Traders Association and Guardians of the Green) today on 3 Sept and i will share more in the next meeting.

Got some excellent news to share, I have met with Helen (i think she's is haringey resident) from Stroud Green Traders Association, she has agreed to be part of subgroup & to be a member of NF and getting intouch with most traders and talk to us in the future.

I also got Guardians of the Green (1-2 haringey residents ~ co: Jasmine Winter Beatty & leader: Bethany Anderson)...

In planning their we could mention these projects as it was raised number of times by various members in past meetings.

This could help us in building trade and green link as subgroup are needed. we shouldn't waste this opportunity and i need help how bring these people of interesting into meeting our how to introduce them to us.

I was think just have a public meeting where various groups, association and traders can meeting where is involves Engagement, Planning, Green & Sustainability, Transport? only saying it because such issues was raised on the 2nd of Sept meeting.