Tue 21 Nov 2017 9:32PM

What technologies do y'all currently use?

EC Evan Crook Public Seen by 395

Anything that works particularly well? anything that's really giving you problems?


Kyle Tue 21 Nov 2017 9:39PM

  1. I have a chromebook and I like it (8 out of 10).
  2. Our house computer is an HP Pavillion Slimline and it could be better (3 out of 10)

What kind of tech do you use?


Evan Crook Tue 21 Nov 2017 9:43PM

Our co-op is a bit behind on this and just coming up to speed...
* We have finally (with new staff) started officially using google docs/drive for things like governing documents and Board minutes
* I got my house to use Slack, with mixed success (some people don't check it much and prefer posting paper in the kitchen) and am trying to get it adopted organization-wide
* also trying to get Loomio adopted as a pilot, this group is a bit of a trial run for me
* email listservs

Personally I'm a mac guy these days


Kyle Wed 22 Nov 2017 2:11AM

That's cool, and I find your experience with Slack helpful since I'm considering integrating it into our house communications. Ideally, it would be a fairly complete transition; i.e., we use it for all the things that we currently do on Facebook + for the benefits it offers


Kyle Wed 22 Nov 2017 2:15AM

What are some hurdles you face to getting everyone on-board? Also, do you think Slack represents a significant improvement? If so, in what areas?


Evan Crook Wed 22 Nov 2017 2:46AM

I think it's at least potentially a lot better than email, since it's faster to read and reply to and you have more focused channels. e.g. #chores, #food, #maintenance, #partyplanning. Co-op emails just end up in one big messy inbox and there are a lot of them, unless you have filtering/labels set up in your gmail, which most people don't.

The main barriers to adoption are just peoples' hesitance to use or check a new platform. I don't think it's anti-tech sentiment in general -- everyone in my house is a digital native, comfortable with facebook/instagram/snapchat/etc -- just that people don't want to check another app when they have several already.


Jimmy Coyer Tue 12 Dec 2017 12:07AM

  • Property Management Software : Rent Manager
  • Financial : QuickBooks
  • Documentation / File Sharing : Google Suite

We're looking at adopting a convenient messaging system as well. Currently looking at Slack and (if you can believe it) Discord.


Alli Nilles Tue 13 Mar 2018 6:24PM

  • QuickBooks for financial, though there is much grumbling about this from the finance people
  • Meeting notes and file sharing: Google Docs (dedicated gmail accounts for coordinator positions, and Google Groups for listserv and sharing docs to everyone. Just learned recently that you can share docs with a group this way)
  • Mixture of Slack and GroupMe for fast messaging and memes, participation is optional
  • Spreadsheets for finance (dividing up utilities, etc) and cooking assignments
  • Website and domain name are done through 1&1 right now and we pay $17/month. We're transitioning to getting a VPS from DigitalOcean for $5/month and getting domain name separately (about $20/year). This will require someone to know how to SSH into the server and make changes to the website if necessary. Looking into wiki apps and similar apps that allow browser-side editing.

Alli Nilles Tue 13 Mar 2018 6:25PM

We also have a desktop computer and printer in the house and are looking to upgrade these to have a more legit "office" for the house, as well as keep some files and backups on a local server. Desktop runs Linux.