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This group upgraded to a Gold account, 05 October 2018. Sponsored - at 'community' rate ($90, one year) - by Mike Hales & Bob Haugen. When this renews, other may wish to sponsor?

Gold means:
- subgroups can be created, and
- categories can be created and applied on the group page, by coordinators


Lynn Foster Sat 2 Oct 2021 10:57PM

>tell me where I find this location for the OAE account parameters, where I need to do the invitation thing?

Here: https://www.billingportal.com/s/loomio/login/magic?email=susxanon%40icloud.com

Or if that doesn't work, go to https://www.loomio.org/upgrade/7341 and hit "billing portal".

Hope that works, sorry this is a time eater....


mike_hales Sat 2 Oct 2021 10:35PM

Right . . Loomio has billed me and taken payment, according to their invoice mailed to me. I only just saw it. So it's all done as far as Loomio is concerned. I just need to get reimbursed from OpenCollective. I'll mail evidence of the transaction at my bank, to @Oli SB and @Lynn Foster as soon as I can get it. (Unable to get it right now, they have some website problem). Almost there 馃檪


mike_hales Sat 2 Oct 2021 10:23PM

OK I'm in the loop. It's along time since I've been in Loomio adminwise - tell me where I find this location for the OAE account parameters, where I need to do the invitation thing?


Lynn Foster Sat 2 Oct 2021 6:37PM

I took a look and also tried my email, same result. I did see we are now showing as the Community Lifetime plan, with $0 due in 2022. So yes, it looks like @mike_hales is going to have to step in. Sorry Mike!


Oli SB Sat 2 Oct 2021 3:58PM

OK - thanks @Lynn Foster very generous :) I see the funds in OC, which are enough to cover the $199, and I have changed the OAE plan to "2021 Community Lifetime" - however, when I click "Manage payment details" it says "It looks like you haven't accepted an invitation yet! Click the link below to request a Login Link." and offers to send this to Mike's email address. I tried requesting a link to my email but no link showed up... so maybe @mike_hales can try - and if it works, also pay - then I can pay you back from the OC funds?


Lynn Foster Fri 1 Oct 2021 9:03PM

@Oli SB well hmmm, we got an email today from loomio reminding us they need more money by tomorrow. The original definitely said Oct. 5. I emailed them to point that out, but haven't heard back. But anyway, I just put enough into OpenCollective to get us to $199 plus a bit, if my figuring is correct. @Bob Haugen wanted to help so this is from both of us.

Anyhow, you're on for paying Loomio from our OpenCollective account, with thanks. Hope it works OK, and I'm not too worried if it is late. Let me know if there are any issues or not enough money!


Bob Haugen Sun 26 Sep 2021 3:00PM

My reasons for wanting to keep this alive, in addition to the reasons other people have stated, all of which I agree, are mostly about inertia, and partly because I think there remain a couple things we can still do with it.

By "inertia", I mean there's several years of history here and 250+ members, some active and still interested. If we move it to somewhere else, I expect it will mostly dissipate.

I do understand that Loomio is not the greatest discussion medium - for example, I just tried to edit or reply to my own comment below and could not figure out how to do it. But none of the others will be perfect either, and Loomio's proposals and threads are pretty good, and we're already here. And the "lifetime subscription" means we will not need to repeat this discussion.


Oli SB Sun 26 Sep 2021 8:54PM

Sure - I can act as banker again ;) once we have funds...

If we do get there and keep the group alive it would be nice to engender a bit more use of the Loomio space... we once discussed a kind of 'testers' section, where people could propose ideas or present concepts, code or even apps etc and others would help review and feedback - I think a place like that with 20+ active participants could be really useful.


mike_hales Sun 26 Sep 2021 6:22PM

That makes sense. I'll wrap up my regular payment.


Lynn Foster Sun 26 Sep 2021 6:17PM

@mike_hales maybe you should stop paying your regular amount, if loomio stays around and sticks to their word, this will be our one time payment for a permanent account.

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