Thu 4 Jul 2019 11:26PM

What do you first think of when you think ‘risk’ in the workplace?

AJ Aleks Jovanovic Public Seen by 20

For me it usually feels like there’s some unwanted event around the corner combined with a smaller vision of potential opportunity to learn.


Dee Brooks Mon 15 Jul 2019 5:38AM

For me, it's sensing something is coming (like you said, around the corner) and using a lens of careful-mindfulness (as @yvonne7 alluded to in the main thread) - these "corners" could also be in the distance or smack you in the face quickly...


Yvonne Fri 2 Aug 2019 3:20AM

Risk comes from a number of aspects - strategic, financial, customer etc... its being careful and mindful, as to what is going on...always being prepared to step back and say that we can do better!!!


Jason Emmins Wed 14 Aug 2019 11:52AM

its an opportunity to learn, grow and develop- looking ahead to see the potential (both good and bad) and then taking a leap (steps forward to manage/minimise/maximise).


[deactivated account] Sun 18 Aug 2019 7:24AM

I agree with all the other comments! :slight_smile:


Michaela Kennedy Sun 18 Aug 2019 7:46AM

Agree with all of the above. The thing that get's to me most is risk of loosing reputation. I've very wary of this and get concerned often. Must do more work on Continuous Improvement........lol


[deactivated account] Wed 28 Aug 2019 8:11AM

Oh gosh, 'Risk in the Workplace' can mean so many different things! Physical risk (WHS), psychological risk and emotional risk (particularly when we are working with so many 'interesting' people, risk of Burnout and risk of internal processes not being ideal, risk to our Integrity and reputation as an Organisation.


Lisa Zulfiqar Fri 13 Sep 2019 4:36AM

Agree ditto to above


Lynn Lennon Mon 16 Sep 2019 7:41AM

I agree with Mic....reputational risk can be detrimental to us all. Let's say that Jason goes off the rails (quite possibly really lol) even though we're 100's of kms away the impact on us is very real. Despite the NDIS stating they don't have preferred providers we know they do, so any of us, at any time could affect the organisation and individuals.


Margaret Henville Tue 17 Sep 2019 12:51AM

Risk management to me in a past life was WHS and always something others didn't want to deal with. I was often the last one standing. It can break a person or an organisation if not monitored well.


Brett Pischke Fri 4 Oct 2019 10:56AM

loss of brand reputation


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Aleks Jovanovic Sun 1 Dec 2019 10:38AM

Very important! I’ve got a couple of ideas Mic.


Yvonne Wed 11 Dec 2019 7:46AM

Hi there, is on the 18th December at 6.00pm ???


Aleks Jovanovic Wed 11 Dec 2019 9:14AM

Not sure Yvonne. I don’t recall a date being set.


Margaret Henville Wed 11 Dec 2019 10:54PM

I'm still good for 6.00 on the 18th


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Hi everyone, Zoom meeting scheduled for next Wednesday: https://zoom.us/j/937291615

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