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Establishing an a-political party that advocates solely for Proportional Representation

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Hi there,

So I have been playing with ways in which we might actually realise the revolution and what is needed (which I am sure you agree with) is proportional representation. That is absolutely essential. However, labour and conservative will never support this as they benefit massively from the system of FIrst Past the Post. What are your thoughts on:

The creation of a political party with the sole purpose of introducing proportional representation. Once achieved, the party would immediately disband and a new general election would be called under a proportional system. Furthermore, the party could remove arbritrary democracy inhibiting rules such as costs to register, the main 5% rule and so forth (although these extra rules might be more difficult to convince people of).

This strategy would be far easier to garner support for rather than advocating for specific policy as essentially the party is advocating for an enhancement of democracy (which everyone agrees with).

The next question would be how would the party attract supporters? Here I ask you to read this very long but also interesting and inspiring article regarding the creation of 'the five star movement' (an Italian digital political party) : https://www.wired.com/story/italy-five-star-movement-techno-utopians/

I am struck by the obvious simplicity of utilising influencers to provide the catalyst needed to get the movement started. I am certainly no influencer with zero public presence but I believe that if we could get enough influencers with large enough followings to unite around this idea then that would be sufficient to get the ball rolling.

What do we think?


Mofwoofoo Wed 9 Feb 2022 5:24AM

Gracias Dan. Wow, what a shame. My view is extremely extreme, it's true. But I perhaps innocently assume that people are open enough to examine all views, since extreme views have the possibility to be true, especially in these extreme times. If anyone can refute my points I would be very happy. Because what I assume that may very well be true, is dauntingly frightening. But we have no chance if people would prefer to not examine all possibilities, i.e. head in the sand model. We all know that the CIA undermines democratic governments. We all know that the amount of money spent on the most polluting force on the planet, the military, is abombinable. We can all imagine that the Jews going to the death camps and the gas chambers never imagined that such a horrible fate could await them. We all know that there are people who kill others for money and sell arms to kill people with, for money. We all know that atrocities are a daily occurence. We all know who funded Hitler, the same giant corporations and rich families that are so powerful today. We all know, I hope, that many nazi scientists and high ranking nazis came to the United States after WWII and assumed high positions, etc., etc. so why are my ideas considered so extreme, especially now in 2022 when so much has been revealed?


Simon Heath Thu 10 Feb 2022 7:17PM

I actually find it quite offensive you compare the capitalist industrial complex that makes profits from weapons of war, in reference to Hitler and the Nazis, i.e. the systematic execution of millions of people. I suggest you read this...


I'm not here to waste time refuting your points, its up to yourself to extract yourself out of whatever echo chambers you are hanging out in. Most likeky some "Truth" site that also sells herbal remedies. It's a common marketing tactic for people who choose to not follow mainstream narratives... provide shock [un]truths as clickbait, sell CBD oil, aromatherpy oil & generic meds. I'd prefer to spend my time finding alternative systems of power. If you want to discuss that... I'm all ears.


Mofwoofoo Thu 10 Feb 2022 9:06PM

Hola Simon, I am sorry that you find it offensive, but I think you miss my point. I am not comparing anything with nazis. I am saying that it is nazi/eugenicists that are behind what is going on. I have provided links that confirm this. This is not a conspiracy theory. One way to shortcut your research is to see who funded Hitler's rise and war. Sometimes the truth is shocking and horrible. I hope that you can prove somehow that I am wrong.


Dan Scrimgeour Fri 11 Feb 2022 3:08AM

Your ideas are considered extreme as it is untrue that 'we all know' what you purport we know. Time would be better spent on workable solutions focusing on what can practicably be done.


Mofwoofoo Fri 11 Feb 2022 1:14PM

Thank you for your response. I am not against your idea of proportional representation, though I am not sure exactly what that is. But you may have noticed that political parties get subverted by surreptitious elements and how would you stop that?


Mofwoofoo Fri 11 Feb 2022 2:41PM

Thank you for your response. I am not against your idea of proportional representation, though I am not sure exactly what that is. But you may have noticed that political parties get subverted by surreptitious elements and how would you stop that?


Dan Scrimgeour Mon 14 Feb 2022 6:05AM

Education.. "A well informed citizenry is at the heart of a dynamic democracy and the best defense against tyranny."


Mofwoofoo Mon 14 Feb 2022 11:21AM

But the education we have is just another form for propagandizing the youth. So, how realistic is it to suggest that, when time is of the essence?


Jay Thu 2 Dec 2021 7:20PM

Forgive me all for the late response. I did not receive any notifications!

@John Bunzl I fully agree that PR won't solve global problems due to the reasons you mentioned. However the issue is "how do we transition to a global governance system?". This is a serious problem which I don't see being addressed in anyway. Parliament will never just transition from where it is today to some form of decentralised global governance system for a number of reasons. First, because labour and conservatives control parliament due to first past the post. Just look what happened in the labour vote on PR - overwhelming support for it but it was voted against due to the unions. And Unions are not representative of what the people want.

What we need is a long term generational plan to implement our goals. Incremental steps. Between the reform act of 1832 and the representation of the people act of 1918 stood 86 years before everyone recieved the vote.

We cannot just go from today's parliamentary system to direct digital democracy @Simon Heath based on horizontal decision making @Mofwoofoo . First we need an entry into the system. But there is no entry with first past the post. None. PR is the first necessary step to be able to introduce these ideas into parliament. And PR is something that 'the people' can broadly support outside of left/right wing political divides. After PR has been achieved, only then can we introduce a party that supports direct digital democracy @Simon Heath into parliament.

We need to think of an actual plan because at the moment it's just egos telling other egos what should and shouldn't be done. Great! It's obvious what need to be done. But wheres the plan of action? As@Ashvajit Dharmachari said, we need a revolution in the hearts and minds of people. At the moment we are left Vs right. Brexit vs Antibrexit. Conservative Vs labour. This is ridiculous. Truly ridiculous. PR is party neutral.

First past the post is equally unfair on everyone making it a good policy to fight for. Imagine adverts which use the following images. I can see them hitting a chord in the hearts and minds of people.

The party has one policy, PR. As soon as we win, THEN we introduce a decentralised digital democratic party into the runnings. I see no other way unless we want to continue presenting our own grand dictatorial ideas to the world pretending they are revolutionary. Come on guys! Let's get something moving instead of sharing hot air. Here's an article for inspiration which talks about how they implemented a direct digital democracy party in Italy and succeeded in winning the election (it's a great read!) https://www.wired.com/story/italy-five-star-movement-techno-utopians/


John Bunzl Fri 3 Dec 2021 7:26AM

@Jay "How do we transition to a global governance system?" One campaign already making good headway is www.simpol.org. By offering citizens a means to use their votes in a new way, it has already driven over 100 UK MPs who come from all parties, and a growing number of MPs in some other countries, to support its cooperative global governance agenda. You might want to check it out.

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