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Accounting for padding differently in our kanban system


Poll Created Tue 17 Sep 2019 3:04PM

Padding cards Closed Mon 23 Sep 2019 4:03PM

For all current projects, regardless of how they’ve been estimated, we ask production team members to allocate 6 days of cards to themselves per sprint.

Now we want to also have production members allocate (they can create them or copy them from a template) 4 days of QA cards too (these will be QA/overspill/safety but need to have a name such as ‘QA & Testing’ that partners can see).

The aim of a sprint then is not to complete 6 days of cards in 10 days. It is to complete 10 days of cards in 10 days (with 4 of these being QA cards).


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Stephen Hawkes Tue 17 Sep 2019 3:07PM


This will be a bigger change for production, but if we can get this working will give clarity to ops and help us support production earlier. That's a big win


Becca Martin Wed 18 Sep 2019 7:19AM


Yeah it will be a big change, but will hopefully focus the tracking of time which would be a huge win.