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A large part of our mapping over the last three years has been that of the ideas landscape around a new politics. Here's a few of our research and conceptual highlights - what's yours? Comment below, or launch some new threads.

I - We - World: our basic framework for revivifying citizenship. See search archive, these defining articles (overview, and definitions of I, We, World). Also see these chapters from Indra Adnan's The Politics of Waking Up - "Who Is I?", "Where Is We?" and "What is World?"

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Alex Cooper Thu 5 Mar 2020 7:52AM

Recommended Reading;
The Spirit Level
Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett

"Anyone who believes that society is the result of what we do, rather than who we are, should read these books; they should start with The Spirit Level because of its inarguable battery of evidence, and because its conclusion is simple: we do better when we're equal."
From theguardian.com/books/2009/mar/13/the-spirit-level