Wed 14 Mar 2018 2:39PM

Open 2018 : 26-27 July in London

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Hi everyone !

There is a nice event coming up where we could have our own space to discuss and continue de co-construct the open app ecosystem all together.

It could be a great time to meet each other, create some working group on problematics we encounter, etc...

If the idea interest you, we could design this space all together (what we will do, how, for what purpose, etc...). We could start with a simple google doc.

If you wanna know more about the event, here is the website :


Draft Wed 14 Mar 2018 2:41PM

@olisb @vincenzogiorgino


Oli SB Wed 14 Mar 2018 2:58PM

Thanks for kicking this thread off @draft :)

(my notification had the dates as 22nd 23rd of July - which is wrong but I think you have now updated the title of the thread although the URL remains the same - the actual dates for the conference are 26th and 27th of July)

Yes, we would really like to meet people from the OAE at the event. We will have several open space session in which the audience will decide what is discussed but I would like to 'block out' one of these and dedicate it to discussions about the OAE, if there is enough interest, as it seems so important to me...

Using the Google doc to add discussion ideas and potential topics seems like a great way to go... then, once we have a few perhaps we can pull the various themes together into a few key areas and work out how to be most effective in the time available - which I should know more about in the next few months. I'll let you know as things develop...

Thanks again for kicking this off and we look forward to some interesting OAE discussions at OPEN 2018 :)

(for anyone who can't make it to the UK we will post as much info as we can capture online after the event)



Lynn Foster Wed 14 Mar 2018 3:09PM

Too far for us, but would be very interested in anything you can post if the OAE session happens! Video would be great. And interested in the prep too.


Draft Wed 14 Mar 2018 4:31PM

Yeah I'm so tired these days, don't know why I put the 22 23 in the first place :)


Draft Wed 14 Mar 2018 5:18PM

Doc updated : I made a proposition about how we can proceed. It's a draft, it may change a lot ;)

If you wanna comment, or suggest, or add things, be my guest :D


Nicolas Fonty Thu 15 Mar 2018 1:45PM

Thank you @draft for this idea ... I was interested in coming but tickets are so expensive ... maybe I will try to write to the organisers to see if they can have free tickets for volunteering action groups like mine who work to foster commons and cooperations :)


Nicolas Fonty Thu 15 Mar 2018 1:48PM

@draft are you in contact with organisers ?


Michel Bauwens Thu 15 Mar 2018 2:06PM

Oliver might be able to help you, he's in cc and one of the co-organizers,



Oli SB Thu 15 Mar 2018 2:47PM

Hi All,

I am one of the organisers - sorry if you think tickets are expensive @nicolasfonty we've tried to price them as cheaply as possible to cover the costs - OPEN 2018 is not a profit making event, just aiming to cover costs... and you get food and drink for both days in the ticket price... (and maybe a beer or two as well!)

We do have Volunteer tickets too - which cost £35 but that's to ensure that the volunteers turn up and can be refunded after the event, if you would like a volunteer ticket please get on via https://2018.open.coop and let us know what you think you can help with!? :)



Draft Fri 16 Mar 2018 4:35PM

What does a volunteer need to do ?

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