Mon 23 Apr 2018 5:02AM

Next zoom Thursday 25th October at 5.30 pm. https://zoom.us/j/691244179

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Novated leases for vehicles - we would like to propose a Jeder policy on novated leases as an acceptable form of salary sacrifice provided all costs incurred to the company (including any FBT liability) come out of an individual's personal bucket (so admin bucket isn't affected). Because novated leases require a director to sign on behalf of Jeder, we would like to have a clear policy that could apply to anyone interested in a novated lease, that enables a director to sign upon request (so the matter doesn't need to go to the Board for consideration each time). We would appreciate discussion about what this policy might look like, in this $Jedi.

Buckets going into the red - we have been talking about buckets going into the red as a concern for the entire organisation as it affects the admin bucket. This topic has already been discussed in the $Jedi, but we would be keen for a policy / process about how the organisation should deal with buckets going into the red that supports collective members, but also protects the admin bucket from being drawn upon in this way.

Proposal to set up a plan for transition from contractor to employees with timeframes for this.
Updated Salary sacrifice forms/info


Michaela Kennedy Wed 25 Apr 2018 6:08AM

Thanks for sharing the harvest - great the discussions have started. Can you please send invitations for the weekly zooms?


Peregrin Chiara Wed 25 Apr 2018 11:28AM

@kerry63 you can update the thread title with the next zoom dates.


Deleted User Tue 1 May 2018 8:22PM

May 1st Harvest: Yvonne and I decided to have our conversation and harvest directly into the loomio threads for each topic.


Lisa Zulfiqar Wed 2 May 2018 5:33AM

Sorry missed it again last night. Did not see the notification for the meeting? Did it go out in the last few days?


Deleted User Wed 2 May 2018 5:46AM

It went up.last week-are you receiving loomio.notifications?


Deleted User Wed 2 May 2018 5:58AM

We are meeting the next 2 Tuesdays at 6.30 on the same link.


Lisa Zulfiqar Wed 2 May 2018 7:29AM

Did have last weeks notification but did the presuming that a new notification would come each week. Have set up in my own calendar :slight_smile: now..


Yvonne Thu 3 May 2018 12:14AM

Yes, Missed you Lisa...your contribution would have been valuable...see you next Tuesday at 630pm.

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