Actions from last meeting for us to review on Tues 20th Dec meeting

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Actions from first meeting.

1- Find out about dates and names of large scale "protest" events that may be going on around the country with the intent to share them with the rest of the Bath For Europe (B4E) group- ALL to research this.
2- Send E-mail out to everyone checking for availability pre-Xmas for us to meet again as the Networking Group- Paul.
3- Find out about what existing connections B4E has with other groups, check with Pete and involve Julie- Paul.
4- Share any other local groups we may already be involved with who would be appropriate to build connections with (Refugees for Bath was mentioned, as an example)- ALL of US
5- Find out any groups that may be active or want to connect with B4E at Bath Spa University- Sarah
6- Find out any groups that may be active or want to connect with B4E at University of Bath- Katrina.
7- Find out any groups that may be active or want to connect with B4E at RUH- Eleanor
8- Research online for any other Remain Groups or Undecided Groups within Social Media circles (Facebook etc) that would be appropriate to connect with- Don and Jane
9- Find out about groups within the Bath Chamber of Commerce that we can connect with- Tim
10- Recruit more people to become active or at least interested in B4E amongst our friends and circles, share the website address ( https://bathforeurope.com/ ), share your experiences, let them know the email address [email protected] - ALL of US.


Katrina Moore Mon 9 Jan 2017 8:44PM

There seems to be another pro EU FB page collecting all sites, I have copied text of the post below. I am not sure how to have B4E added, so if anyone has any bright ideas, feel free!

Latest update everyone – the pro EU Facebook groups page has been launched.

A total of 231 people from five different groups voted for the name: ALL FOR E.U.

169 voted for UNITED WE STAND, so I have named the page ALL FOR EU.

Here’s the link:


I have started it off as a closed group, as this helps protect us from too much trolling.

If anyone wants to join the admin team, please let me know. Some of you will be better at running pages than I am, so your help will be greatly appreciated. Please put forward ideas and make suggestions to improve the page, there is still quite a bit of work to be done on it.

Time is not on our side now, so let’s all have a real go to try and stop Brexit.

And if we can’t stop it, let’s at least go down fighting!


Katrina Moore Mon 9 Jan 2017 8:46PM

I have now heard back from Prof Pearce at the University of Bath, and will try to meet him at the talk on 26th Jan. He said there was a "Stronger In" group, and I will try to make contact with any "leftovers".


Ruth Malloy Mon 9 Jan 2017 11:33PM

Do you mean Stronger IN "leftovers" at the University of Bath? If you can find them, please do ask them to join and help! Quite a few of us (in the BfE steering group) were active in the B&NES Stronger IN campaign, notably Jay Risbridger (coordinator), Wera Hobhouse, Gitte Dawson, Alex Jensen and yours truly.