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SessionLab, a New Easy Way to SkyRock your Program Design

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TL;dr: / Short summary

  • SessionLab is a great tool to co-create sessions/events/workshop (ex. the fest, the summit, one day Workshop) and plan collaborative facilitation
  • After a free team trial for Munich Summit, we negotiated free access for our community. To get your free account, you have to sign up and contact Sarah or me
  • In exchange, we agreed with Robert (co-founder & CEO) to contribute to their development (further details below) ____________

SessionLab is a useful tool for collaborative facilitation. Its free version already proved its benefits, so we asked for a free team trial for the summit to see if it is useful for us as a community. And to be short: yes it is!

One week after the summit, we met Robert online for a feedback session and discussed a further collaboration because we found great value using this tool. We wanted our community to benefit from using it. Especially to use it on event programs instead of a spreadsheet. Among its features :

  • Work collaboratively,
  • Assign tasks,
  • Timetable keeper,
  • The ability to add a comment, files (from G.drive & Dropbox), etc.
  • Drag and drop program blocks,
  • An open source & collaborative library of facilitation resources,
  • And much more...

Robert welcomed the idea to give full access to our community (YEAH 🚀). Here what we proposed in exchange for this partnership:
Spread the word within our community and beyond, (e.g. in our Masterclasses, mentioning in publications)
Enrich the library of facilitation resources,
Add the tool to our open source site (we will prepare a short paragraph on it)
Organize a bi-annual feedback session. Therefore your feedback in using it is very welcome. You can add feedback here.

What you need to do to get onboard:

  • First of all, you have to create an account here,
  • To facilitates the collaborative work, you should add your picture or sign in with Google,
  • Then you have to ask us (Sarah/Ehab) to add your account to the OuiShare group account → That’s it!

How to go with the Open Source Method Library?

We would like to invite you all to add your facilitation methods (team, energizer, ideation, actions, skills, etc.) to the library as a small price to pay collectively to spread the good word and it’s so easy:

  • Connect to your account
  • Go to Library
  • Push the “Add new resources” button
  • Fill the different fields
  • Done :)

Sarah and I will be happy to help anyone who needs help to use the tool. Just ASK!

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Bárbara Gómez Fri 20 Oct 2017 5:12AM

@saraheisenmann @ehabelia done! thanks!


Martin Werlen Mon 23 Oct 2017 12:28PM

I created my profile.
Thanks @ehabelia ! Great tool :)


Ehab Elia - Ouishare Mon 23 Oct 2017 12:46PM

@nainaiarara please you should add your photo on sessionlab!


Wed 25 Oct 2017 11:56AM

thanks @saraheisenmann & @ehabelia ! this tool looks supercool ! I just signed up. Could you add me to the ouishare group please ?! Thank you :)


Sarah Eisenmann Wed 25 Oct 2017 12:12PM

done ;)


Marie-Anne Bernasconi Thu 26 Oct 2017 5:23PM

Looks great ! I feel I'm going to use it often :) I'm currently giving a training on facilitation to civil servant trainers, I'll share it with them :)
Here's my profile : https://www.sessionlab.com/users/pxo8kd.
Thanks! @ehabelia @saraheisenmann


Ehab Elia - Ouishare Thu 26 Oct 2017 6:35PM

You will really love it @marieanneb especially the Open source Library... Don't forget to add your best methods in it :hugging:


Marie-Anne Bernasconi Thu 26 Oct 2017 7:12PM



Claudine Revol Tue 31 Oct 2017 10:25PM

Hey, account created !
So Ehab, all the content in the Library use CC licenses ?


Ehab Elia - Ouishare Tue 31 Oct 2017 10:27PM

Yes it's @claudinerevol1. Also the library is open without identification on the platform.
Please add your 🙏 photo 🙏

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