Σημειώσεις 1ης Τακτικής Συνέλευσης / Notes from the 1st Regular Meeting

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Notes taken live and fixed later:

Following Theodotos' suggestion, a core idea is that Action Items for the Association's formal requirements, will come to correspond to separate Loomio threads / Working Groups. I noted Loomio links in the notes where possible. The next step is to bring RL decisions and commitments into Loomio.


Sun 5 Nov 2017 12:41AM

There's still no list of the board members and their functions.


Sun 5 Nov 2017 12:43AM

Also please collect all meeting minutes in a central location for the group's perusal.


nee Sun 5 Nov 2017 7:48AM

Yeap. It's a domino effect. The board names & the new members list haven't yet been united with the list of the initial members who signed the Founding Documents, this is a pending item that has kept the whole thing from being shared.

You're right to push for this.
The idea is to dedicate space on the website for the minutes.

We need to push the Website working group.


nee Sun 5 Nov 2017 7:52AM

By pushing the Website Working Group I mean that we participate in it. It's central to the quest of collecting and structuring everything.