Sun 25 Jun 2017 10:16AM

PHT Loomio - use/ process from now/ guidelines

MA Mark Amery Public Seen by 391

It has been agreed that as originally intended the PHT Loomio group will now be open - and our email database and village invited to join to be part of community discussion and decision making on PHT actions. This puts in train a timeline now for some work to be completed across the comms/Tilley Road buyback/Trust formation streams. Below I suggest that timeline and also outline some draft guidelines for how Loomio posts should be structured going forward.

Wednesday 28 June:
a) Any posts considered confidential are removed from the group. We are not able to simply file the posts. My understanding however is that members have understood not to put confidential information on here, but if you wish to check please do so.

b). @tinapope provides draft objectives for trust and any wording for calls for trustee applications to @markamery and @lindamclaughlan as a google doc. Deadline 15 July.

c) Loomio guide as below deadline accepted - any suggested changes provided by then.

Friday 30 June:
Group goes Open and @mrkamery
a) does callout via Fb and blog for new trustees
b) invites through these means community to join Loomio.
c) @lindamclaughlan sends a Loomio invite to email database
d) @markamery has up on Loomio a welcome message with a guide to use.
3) @markamery posts the draft Trust objectives for discussion. See decision time below

Fri 7 July:
a) @markamery proposes on Loomio draft objectives with any changes is agreed to. Deadline Weds 12 July.
b) @markgalbraith posts draft call for Application for Investors with FAQ (Mark, this means getting it up as a google doc for some of us to help edit this week I'd suggest) for discussion.
c) Reminder on call for trustees goes out

Fri 14 July Proposal that Application and FAQ is accepted. Deadline Wed 20 July.

Mon 17 July Trustee applications put on loomio for discussion
Fri 21 July Proposal on Loomio that trustees be accepted. Deadline Wed 26 July.

Welcome to the Paekakariki Housing Trust community decision making platform! You can change your settings here to control how many emails you get from this group, which allows anyone in the community to read, contribute to discussion and be part of decision-making on PHT activity. Some guidelines:

  1. You don't need to read through past activity in this group. You will receive notification of new posts which are designed for all. Generally a topic will be opened for discussion and then a proposal will be made for a decision to be made with you provided with a window of time to agree/disagree/abstain.

  2. It is not necessary that you participate in every discussion or decision on this site - it is your choice how much you participate or not - much like any community meeting! But we welcome ALL questions and queries however basic.

  3. We won't just rely on everyone being on Loomio - all important decisions will also be opened for feedback via our Facebook page and Paekakariki tauhokohoko and we welcome feedback at [email protected]. This can then be posted here.

  4. ANYONE can start a 'thread' for discussion. Please note however that where ever possible it should be a discussion that is aimed to then lead to a decision being made. If you wish to simply make a comment on a subject - try searching for an existing thread on this theme to add your two cents worth. Make your thread around a theme - clearly marking the workstream or theme in the subject line (e.g 'Tilley Road Buyback: Legal Implications' 'Partnership with KCDC') - this will be then open enough to allow others to contribute. Ask yourself 'what is the decision I'd like to see made from this discussion?' and when you've allowed some time propose it.

  5. Get used to gaining the attention of a certain person by using the '@' symbol e.g. "@tinapope @mikestringfellow I like your carvan letterbox" - then they will get a direct notification.

  6. You can invite anyone else to join this group.

  7. For help doing al these things there's a great easy to follow 2.30min video in the Help box in the right hand column under Members.

Enjoy the magic of having a real tangible voice in decisionmaking. Any questions or queries please add your comment below with attention to @markamery