Tue 14 Aug 2018 3:29AM


S Soenke Public Seen by 238

Hi all, The makers of Time and Talent, the software that we are using, have asked for a donation from all of their time banks. I have donated $ 30 (NZ). The money came from our fund raising efforts last Summer.
They are struggling to raise enough funds for the software re-development and have asked all of their Time Banks, if we would be happy for them to contact members directly. I didn't object.


Richard Hsieh Tue 14 Aug 2018 4:28AM

Seems alright to me.


Soenke Tue 2 Oct 2018 2:40AM

Hi, I have donated $ 10,- to Wikipedia. I used my own money but wanted to spread some good vibes for Time Bank and shared a post on our facebook page. It reminded me, though, that we haven't got a protocol to guide spending. By the way, we haven't got a bank account either, just a box in my sock draw with some fundraising profits from last year.


Stephen Brassett Tue 2 Oct 2018 9:16PM