Thu 30 Mar 2017 11:45AM

Video Sharing

LA Lena ASAI Public Seen by 367

list of instant email apps

Currently used applications :

  • Youtube,
  • Vimeo

What we need :

  • Broadcast to a very large Public (x1000 viewers at the same time)
  • 4k video
  • Infinite storing
  • Automatic translation
  • Subtitles
  • Organization channel
  • Sharing tools

Recommandation :

  • CRI should only use YouTube and migrate existing videos to it.
  • Vimeo is not integrated with our other tools, has no automatic translation feature and its long-term continuity is not assured.
  • Unfortunately, the current YouTube channels used at CRI are personal ones, which have technical limitations and are not legally linked to the CRI.
  • IT Team will try to migrate these channels (mainly CRI, Savanturiers and Gamelab) to our CRI professional account.
  • To avoid this in the future, please do not create additional channels without involving IT or Communication teams.

web documentation
Next CRIBOOT workshop can tackle the challenge of deciding on a united communication application.


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Migrate all CRI content to Official CRI Youtube account Closed Sun 2 Apr 2017 11:01AM


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Thu 30 Mar 2017 11:46AM

This way we know where to find all lectures, event and information related to CRI on youtube.


Eric Cherel
Thu 30 Mar 2017 1:02PM

We need to organize our videos to communicate better.


Thu 30 Mar 2017 4:47PM

Absolutely, I don't see the point of having both Youtube and Vimeo


Olga Velazquez Thu 4 May 2017 11:05AM

Looks like there's no clear use of the recording equipment available.

There's a lot of video production at the CRI compared to other education places, but the publishing is not popular.

It's hard to find previous videos of events, workshops, etc.

YouTube vs. Vimeo


Olga Velazquez Thu 4 May 2017 11:12AM

Vimeo will disappear from the CRI


Olga Velazquez Thu 4 May 2017 11:13AM

How to have more quality frugal production?


Olga Velazquez Thu 4 May 2017 11:41AM

The CRI website should have a a space dedicated to gather all videos independently of where they're hosted (most people are looking for information on the website and not on YouTube for example).


Olga Velazquez Thu 4 May 2017 11:48AM

One YouTube channel for everything the CRI wants to publish.


Olga Velazquez Thu 4 May 2017 11:48AM

Several YouTube channels with specific populations/content (mapped somewhere in the CRI website).

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