HgO Sat 13 Oct 2018 9:43AM

I changed the introduction of the French newsletter.

I have some remarks :
- I'm not convinced by the new banneer… Why can't we keep the old one ?
- The title of the newsletter ("pré-élections") could juste be "Octobre 2018"…
- I'm sad that you didn't wait for us to check the Dutch version… We are not in a hurry yet : you almost finished the newsletter, it could be sent this evening…


Josse Sat 13 Oct 2018 9:53AM


Josse Sat 13 Oct 2018 9:55AM

I let you decide about sending the others.


HgO Sat 13 Oct 2018 9:56AM

@josse since December, the newsletter takes only 15 minutes to be send, instead of one whole day. I fixed that at that time.

For the old banner, I don't find it ugly…

I'll check the English newsletter…


Josse Sat 13 Oct 2018 11:03AM

@iljabaert Do you like the banner or do you prefer the old or does it need some explaining?


Ilja Sat 13 Oct 2018 11:23AM

I don't really care tbh. I think it's pretty, but I don't understand the slogan or what's on the zeppelin.
I don't know what the previous banner was, tho, so I can't really compare '


Ilja Sat 13 Oct 2018 11:34AM

I do like the idea of having more than one banner. It's like having extra goodies in the newsletter. They do need to be recognizable as being PPBE. I think we have that by
1. refering in text to Pirates or PirateParty
2. Dominant purple color
3. The PirateParty-logo
All three elements are in this banner.


HgO Sat 13 Oct 2018 11:38AM

I changed for the old banner, because @iljabaert you weren't the only one confused by the slogan. @vanecx thought it was quite cryptic, and I'm not even convinced the message is true. Ideally it's true, but in practice a lot of pirates reappear when it's elections time...

I'm not against changing the banner for a better one, but I think it shouldn't be done in a hurry like that.


Ilja Sat 13 Oct 2018 11:50AM

Ah, yes, the 'old' one is better. It's less pretty, but more clear. Or at least, less confusing.

If there are people capable of making others (or adapting the text on the zeppelin one), having other banners would be nice to have. (Although I have no idea who that would be.)


HgO Sat 13 Oct 2018 11:40AM

Oh and of course, for me the newsletter is ready to be sent :)

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