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General Refurbishment Chat

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A look at the big picture of the maintenance of the hub, and decision-making on priorities


Melissa Thu 8 Feb 2024 8:30PM

@Fae Ah cool!


Fae Thu 8 Feb 2024 12:38PM

@Melissa it Is having another carving! Charlie is working on it now. A feminine counterpart for the one already there x


Melissa Thu 8 Feb 2024 12:26PM

I’m happy for work to go ahead. I trust that it will be done well, as the other repair was. Pity it won’t have more of Charlie’s carvings however I don’t suppose the budget would stretch to that. And the plumbing is more important.


Leander Thu 8 Feb 2024 5:51PM

@Ian Turner I think face to face suits some people and an an online discussion and voting system suits others. I was really struck the time when we were discussing removing (or not) the standing stone next to the cattle grid at the entrance. At the meeting I was convinced that most (in fact everyone) wanted it removed but when the Loomio poll happened it turned out that most people wanted it to stay! With face to face loud voices tend to dominate and it doesn't always reflect what people are thinking.

Personally, on-line suits me much better. I think things through very slowly and I always have a lot of options to weigh up in my head. I actually find face to face meetings very difficult and that things go too fast for me. I often just sit there quietly - but, trust me, there's an absolute tornado going on in my head.

Horses for courses - I think it's important that we have a range of options available to try and get as much meaningful participation and involvement as possible...and I actually think we're pretty close to having that.

p.s. I've only just seen Gen's reply now - which pretty much reflects what I've said.


Gen Zendahl Thu 8 Feb 2024 2:14PM

@Ian Turner it's true we need face to face, but online is also really useful in many ways. Some people find it easier to write their ideas down rather than face to face, and some can't make every meeting. I hope we'll use hybrid ways that work well enough to get along, and everyone to have their say.


Ian Turner Thu 8 Feb 2024 12:13PM

cannot vote don’t know why. yes i want the new posts to go in. i don’t use loomio as it is disconnecting and our community needs connections face to face this platform does the opposite


Melissa Thu 8 Feb 2024 8:35PM

@Gen Zendahl what this proposes is that the metal bolts are drilled into the slate which might crack from the drilling and then you have new holes for water to collect and for the metal to rust. And the alignment would have to be bang on else you’ll have the weight of the post plus the turf roof putting crazy stress on the metal. Wood moves as well which is an added stress. With Charlie’s post the water hits the post run down to the small slate and then sheds onto the larger slate away from the wood. It won’t last forever however it’ll be good for many a year.


Gen Zendahl Thu 8 Feb 2024 2:08PM

@Andy it looked like the wood was still very close to the soak and rot zone from rain, almost touching the stone underneath. So I thought something like below might be good?


Andy Wed 7 Feb 2024 9:01PM

@Gen Zendahl in what way do you believe the last repair has a similar weakness to the originals?


Lambert Kleinjans Mon 5 Feb 2024 8:08AM

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