Declarations and Documentation Working Group

T Tricia Public Seen by 16

People are coming to a national GA with a proposal to be passed (which is improbable) how about we encourage them to come with their own declarations and consensed documents to share with ppl from all over.
Like this Voice for the Voiceless Declaration that was submitted this week from Florida which I posted on the page.


I had said I'd create a Documentation WG for collecting the docs for them to be accessible.

Are there others Wiling to work on this ? I'm running out of time and it would be a good project for ppl who are able to be online.
What do u think?


Dennis Burk Lintz
Thu 31 Jul 2014 1:43PM

I believe those who have the support and the capability to build up a forum to ‘create’ a peaceful action should. Those who may be the 'vanguard' run the risk of suffering adverse public hindrances. The initial hindering force would be the police. ☮


Occupy Our Homes FL Thu 31 Jul 2014 5:10AM

This came out of a long OLA participation and vetting, put in front of 3-4 GAs, with approximately 95%-99% consensus, depending on the GA. Hopefully, this can pass the NatGat2014 General Assembly with the appropriate consensus and allow us to move forward. This 2014 statement could be reviewed and changed in 2015. It is meant to be a simple inspiring statement of our Occupy principles and goals. As it is online and in paper form, anyone is able to support and/or sign it.


Occupy Our Homes FL Thu 31 Jul 2014 1:29PM

Looks like we don't have much support here. Should we withdraw it?


Occupy Our Homes FL Thu 31 Jul 2014 1:30PM

I totally understand that getting any consensus on statements at NatGat2014 is tricky....too tricky.


Occupy Our Homes FL Fri 1 Aug 2014 2:49AM

Everyone who likes this petition and believes in the stated ideals should sign it! If you'd like to volunteer to get signatures, please get a copy from Nadine Hays/Sea anyone else who has a copy, get signatures and let us know here now or at [email protected]. If enough people are interested I will organize a regular conference call...


Occupy Our Homes FL Fri 1 Aug 2014 1:01PM

Hey, just realized that we may be able to do that Teach-iN remotely, using Mumbl. Hmmm...could you sea or anyone you know coordinate that on the ground. Pretty sure there is space to write it in in the afternoon session?


Occupy Our Homes FL Fri 1 Aug 2014 1:15PM

Still worried about Nadine--is there someone there that you could hook me up with named Donna Piranha? Nadine said she was working with her...


Occupy Our Homes FL Fri 1 Aug 2014 1:18PM

Just had a bright idea. If someone could put the Teach-in on the schedule those interested could group around laptops in a circle and discuss the document online. They could simply read about the history and then work on final edits, and possibly the way forward with it. Anybody out there?


Occupy Our Homes FL Sat 2 Aug 2014 2:03AM

Got my heart on my sleeve here Buuuuut:
I feel it would be awesome if those who want to learn about the history of the Voice to the Voiceless Solidarity Declaration and/or help group-edit it would get in on a conference call on Saturday, tomorrow, at 3:30-5 pm. Would be great to have someone post it on the schedule and set up a place (media tent?) that the participants at NatGat could share their laptops at in order to group edit the Declaration. The Declaration is at http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/voice-to-the-voiceless-solidarity-declaration
so read it in advance if possible and write notes for our group-editing session. The call-in number is 712-432-1212. And the meeting ID/pin is 938-175-935. Try to get there on time--we'll start by introducing ourselves.


Sally G Sat 9 Aug 2014 9:47PM

Sorry, I was so busy during the gathering that I did not get on Loomio. I am glad that I was in the kitchen on Saturday and got on the conference call for a short time; the declaration is now on a titanpad (I believe it is number 45; it was an empty pad at the time and probably still says that it is empty on the ToC). Looking forward to more work on this.