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What are some good options for a venue? Community spaces, conference spaces, workspaces, ...?

I can probably offer the meeting rooms at Enspiral on Courtenay Place over the weekend - there's one large room and two smaller rooms.


Miles Thompson Thu 19 Mar 2015 11:16PM

Another place to consider is the new Dev Academy space (that they are just moving in to)... they have a nice big meeting room, room for a few breakoutspaces and a sort of open air deck area. As I understand it Joshua and co are keen to promote tech discussion and such so they might be interested to host. Probably too busy during the week with students but maybe in a weekend?


Vikram Fri 20 Mar 2015 7:58PM

Some thoughts about requirements from the venue:
1. Be available on the day
2. Enough space for the expected number of people.
3. Ideally, two rooms/areas to allow two parallel streams
4. Cheap/zero cost
5. Easy access, e.g. doesn't need a person with a swipe card to let people in
6. Assuming tea & coffee at least will be provided to attendees, so space needs to allow that
7. Reasonably easy to get to with public transport

Anything else?