Stop GEOENGINEERING over NZ (chemtrails).

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The media will not speak about it, there are hundreds of pics from all over NZ, (and worldwide), other Govt's have admitted it, the UN council has videos urging for it to be stopped yet our Gov't refuses to admit it is happening here. Especially in the summer months!
Here's an example of how we are treated... anyone remember the American star wars project (TV3 news I think 1993-94)? Well another project talked about around that same time also on TV3 news was H.A.A.R.P. (in Alaska) and how it was nearly completed & how it had the ability to change weather patterns around the world. -*Try asking a Gov't official or the news media about HAARP now & you will get laughed at, ridiculed & told there is no such thing! Yet it is 100% legit! incl. many patients. Tell the sheeple what's happening around us & in our skies and stop geoengineering above NZ! This is the Americans way of trying to convince us that we are causing these huge extremes in our weather


Merryn Bayliss Tue 15 Jul 2014 10:22PM

Wow, it is a relief to hear someone bringing this up. It is a big concern of mine, but I try not to think about it as it upsets me too much, as I feel powerless to do anything about it. A couple of years ago I actually submitted an Official Information Act request to get information about what was going on, but no information was supplied, on the basis that it 'did not exist'. I also emailed politicians and people in the media, and for the most part my emails were completely ignored. When I submitted a photo to a local newspaper (Greymouth Evening Star) they then published it alongside a totally patrionising article that laughingly dismissed my concerns.

It amazes me that more people do not seem to notice it. This winter and last have been so mild, and in my view this is in large part due to the unnatural cloud cover that is being created.

Thank you for trying to get a conversation going about this :-)


Merryn Bayliss Tue 15 Jul 2014 10:33PM


Marc Whinery Tue 15 Jul 2014 11:31PM

Do we get a free tinfoil hat if we agree?

@merrynbayliss "It amazes me that more people do not seem to notice it. This winter and last have been so mild, and in my view this is in large part due to the unnatural cloud cover that is being created."

Ah, those are contrails. They are never denied. Chemtrails is the assertion that contrails are not condensation (planes disrupting the air to form clouds) but release of dangerous (unknown) chemicals to control us.

Contrails have a known effect on weather and local climate. Chemtrails don't exist, and are part of an Illuminati plot to take over the world and sell it to the Martians.


Merryn Bayliss Wed 16 Jul 2014 7:06AM

Marc, I would really appreciate it if you could find a way to express your views more constructively. There is no need for sarcasm or being generally derogatory to those you don't agree with. We are all entitled to our own opinions.


Marc Whinery Wed 16 Jul 2014 7:21AM

So, to clarify, do you believe there is an international conspiracy to drug the world with chemicals released from airplanes at high altitude?

@merrynbayliss "We are all entitled to our own opinions."

Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts. - Daniel Patrick Moynihan


Colin Davies Wed 16 Jul 2014 12:11PM

@merrynbayliss @marcwhinery
Chemtrails are nothing more than the alien genetic manipulation trial that has been going on since humans fused two chromosomes sometime in history. They are definitely not a modern phenomenon. Even prehistoric caveman type paintings show them. The difference now is that the high altitude airplanes are creating currents that make them more visible. These trials are quite obviously automated and there is little that any Government on earth can do about them. Initially I thought the Jet Fuel/Kerosene had an additive that was causing this. However it doesn't take many calculations to show that this volume of material could not be lifted by the airplanes alone. My real concern is that all the large body jets are carrying depleted uranium, Air New Zealand included. This is the same material that caused all the sensation in the First Gulf War. Airplane makers claim that they are using it in the tail section as ballast. Obviously it is not being used as ballast but is being used to create radioactive tracers as the airplane fly through what you call chem-trails, and I call chem-trials. All this information is publically available on reputable websites and via google. It just a matter of drawing the dots together and seeing the full picture. Which coincidentally is what the airplanes are doing.
And no, there is no such thing as Reptilian Aliens, If aliens formed on other planets, there genetic history would be totally different to our own.
My suspicion is the chem-trials are being created by the next version of humans in the distant future. Thus they are manipulating us so that they may exist. Obviously they haven't fully perfected time-travel, but are able to send the chemical through geomagnetic field to some where it meets at the solar wind. The obvious proof of this is how the North and South magnetic poles now appear ready to flip, about to cause the worst environmental disaster in living history, as migrating birds and other wildlife will plunge into mass extinction.
The shame of this is that there is very little we can do about this, however the paradox is that we know we will have descendants of the current humanity due to the age old Grandfather time paradox. Eg If you kill your grandfather you yourself won't exist.
The Chemtrials now have over 7 billion living laboratories on earth to work with so we know the change will take place relatively soon. Obviously the genetic change will have something to do with chromosomes 21 and 22 as they are so small. With current human genome being mapped we will obviously be able to quite easily follow this change.
H.A.A.R.P is obviously a red herring, as long as the conspiracy believers focus all their attention on Alaska, they stop looking for the logical explanations staring them in the face. Obviously world governments like the US and China know something is happening, however it well outside of there control.
The more I researched the chemtrials the more I realize I don't know and the more certain that I am that this is outside of the current human control.


Merryn Bayliss Wed 16 Jul 2014 9:23PM

@marcwhinery That is still not expressing your views constructively. My feeling is that you are instead looking to pick apart MY views. Why not express your own?

@colindavies Wow. I am looking forward to seeing how Marc responds to that! Brave man! You may well be right, although I would disagree re "Reptilian Aliens" as you put it, and the catastrophic polar flip you are anticipating.


Marc Whinery Wed 16 Jul 2014 10:17PM

@merrynbayliss "That is still not expressing your views constructively. My feeling is that you are instead looking to pick apart MY views. Why not express your own?"

I did express my views. You insulted them and me. So I asked for clarification on yours. You refused. Why?

I stated my beliefs. What part of "Contrails have a known effect on weather and local climate. Chemtrails don’t exist, and are part of an Illuminati plot to take over the world and sell it to the Martians." was unclear to you?

Contrails are real. They are seeded clouds caused by the disturbance of the air by the airplane as it passes, or the formation of new clouds caused by the combustion product commonly called "water".

Chemtrails is term invented by people who assert that the trails are not water vapor, but instead are chemicals dumped into the atmosphere in a New World Order plot to control the world.

@merrynbayliss "There is no need for sarcasm"

Oh sure, I get the "no sarcasm" warning, and @colindavies doesn't? Someone's sarcasm meter is broken.


There's an "unbiased" description of "chemtrails".


Colin Davies Wed 16 Jul 2014 11:22PM

In respect to the polar flip and mass extinctions,
Old Harvard article in respect to this
In simple the magnetic polar flip is like having a kitchen magnet inside a ball with currently negative vertically up North, and South Positive vertically down. The ball retains the same orientation but the magnet flips within the ball.
This can at times be briefly for a few hundred years, or for many thousands of years.
Simple hand held compasses are both evidence of the fields existence, and of the current wane of the force.
Since we have been able to measure this from the 19th century they have decreased aprox 10%.
The European Space Agency has 3 dedicated Satellites SWARM that have been tasked with measuring the magnetic decline and other things.
Solar Wind activity is a direct contributor to the strength of earths magnetic field. previously with periods of sunspots this effected the field, however now the chemtrials are effectively filtering that solar activity.
ESA pdf
In respect to the Reptilian Aliens, yes I can't prove they don't exist. I concede though that they look like Reptiles in their true form Thus they would be Reptilian in Appearance Aliens. Mind you in unpopular terms but some form of scientific terms, we are Reptilian-Mammals-Primates-Humans. However we are not Aliens.


Merryn Bayliss Wed 16 Jul 2014 11:58PM

@marcwhinery You're right, I don't detect any sarcasm in Colin's comments.

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