Mon 8 Nov 2021 7:12PM

Loveland calendar/ Saturday jobs

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Saturday job list (Updated Feb 2022):

General / Community Beds:

  • Empty Loo :)

  • Relocate community bed willow

  • Relocate community bed box hedge

  • Build sheltered outdoor kitchen space outside central shed

  • Build lean-to shelter on Kids/Tool Shed

  • Re-roof kids/tool shed with roofing felt or a dark material (that isnt an eye sore for Penryn)

  • Add guttering to kids/tool shed to harvest rain water.

New growing area:

  • Woodchip mulch Market garden tree rows

  • Mulch veg beds with seaweed (this needs to be collected).

  • Lug compost from gate and add to pile next to no-dig veg area.

  • Lug compost from gate and add on top of seaweed


  • Cut hybrid willow poles into 45cm sections for planting (keep in water if not planted)

  • Relocate community bed willow

  • Plant remaining Eleagnus from community bed to extend eleagnus graveyard hedge

  • Woodchip mulch Market garden tree rows

  • Plant comfrey root (currently in bath in greenhouse) around lower market garden tree row (the one not ploughed or mulched with woodchip)

    Stuff needed for Loveland sessions:

  • Building materials and tools (Wood, pallets, drills, saws)

  • Seaweed (Finn will try coordinate a collection after this storm)

  • Coffee Grounds from Origin (Need people with cars to lug it up from the shop)


Sally Mon 8 Nov 2021 7:14PM


Liz Band Thu 18 Nov 2021 10:43AM


I have tried to add some jobs for Saturday jobs list on the calendar - can you all see them?Also would it help if I sent out the weekly notification to lovelanders this week? Thanks,



Liz Band Thu 18 Nov 2021 10:46AM

Jobs I listed are:

  • Collect seaweed

  • Cardboard mulch and seaweed mulch no dig garden beds

  • Woodchip paths in veg bed

  • Organize greenhouse

  • Make propagation table.


Finn Fri 19 Nov 2021 8:03PM

yep it shows up :)


Finn Thu 17 Feb 2022 3:57PM

Please edit it and add / adjust jobs as you please! x